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All Reviews by Max
 from Cost of Lust, The (Le Prix de la Luxure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Sexy-Artsy Euro Fun

Here's a film whose final product is something that the producers actually wanted to be proud of. It is artfully done with a fun–albeit campy–plot that revolves around the advice of the amazingly built and exotic sorceress that you see on the cover. If she were involved in more of the movie's explicit scenes, I would have given it 5 stars. As it happens, however, her involvement with the cast's white male protagonist and other 4 or so other white women, while extremely sexy, was too limited to really get me off. The other female cast memebers are beutiful and built , and definitley take the viewer on some exciting sexual excursions in the confines of some luxurious European homes. Le Prix de la Luxure also offers some nice lesbian and two-on-one scenes. Aside from a couple of quick scenes involving other men, the film basically revolves around just one male actor. While he is pretty good, for me and my girlfriend, he didn't quite have what it takes to be the dominant male element throughout the movie. Definitely a technically and artistically well done movie that entertains. Depending on the viewer's taste, it could really do the job. And if you are getting ready to go to Europe, the DVD's choices of dubbing and even subtitles provides a very sexy linguistic primer!

 from Black & Hott
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

You've Gotta Be Pretty Hard Up...

You've gotta be pretty hard up to get turned on by this low-budget hotel-room sex shoot. Some the women are OK-looking, but they basically just respond to the silly requests the cameraman and then perform routine and extremely un-inspirwed acts with a cast of average Joes who even themselves seem to have a hard time getting too turned on. There's a lot of porn out there of this caliber, so I suppose there must be a healthy-sized audience ready and willing to pay for it. But I when I see something like this, it confounds me how a film could be so lacking in even the tracest amount of sexual or creative inspiration.

 from Angel X (Disc 2)
Studio: Wicked

Amazing Production Quality

But keep in mind that this DVD is really just a compilation of short outtakes, extras, and trailers.