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All Reviews by Massachusetts Couple
 from Un-Natural Sex #9
Studio: Diabolic

Good flick - Scenes a bit long

Agree with other raters. Well shot, good porn and delivered the double annal/vag as advertised. Our only complaint was that each scene moved a little slow being 30 mintues or so each.

 from A Load In Every Hole #1
Studio: Kick Ass

A little rough

We are big fans of the Kick Ass mantra - no fake tits, no condoms, etc. They deliver again here with some nice looking natural women (albeit some kinky piercings), however the guys were a little on the skanky side and, for a couples movie, just too rough with the girls. Plus the whole scenario of tricking the women into doing the scenes (we know it's only acting) adds to the impression that the girls are being exploited. It turns us on most when it looks like the girls are enjoying doing the scene, which here actually seemed to be in the last scene where the girl was treated roughest of all. Go figure. Hot porn is so damn complicated....LOL.

 from Sweatin' It #6
Studio: Kick Ass

Damn fine porn

This was our first Kick Ass video and definitely won't be our last. Natural tits, fully naked women (we are so sick of girls fucking in high heels), no condoms - the other studios should catch on the this recipe for turn on video sex. I agree with the other rater - these girls are gorgeous. Anal in 3 of the 5 scenes. Camera angles and lighting generally good - fake moaning not too bad. This movie must be in Taylor Rain's pre-anal days, but overall a very solid rent - nice couple's movie.

 from Flesh Hunter #7
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Just OK

Just OK for us. Scenes look too staged with costumes etc. We know these movies are filmed with actors, but to us excessive use of costumes, shoes and the like reinforces the fact.

 from Erotica XXX #2
Studio: Digital Sin

Depends on what you are looking for

This movie was well shot. The first scene was a little too abusive for our tastes - shoving the girl under a table?? Even though rated in Anal and DP categories be aware movie has only 2 of 5 scenes with anal and 1 of those 2 is DP. Not that the other scenes weren't hot - just vag - only if that's enough for you go for it.

 from Asstravaganza #1 (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Sin

Good series

We like this series of compilations. Scenes aren't too long so the movie moves along well. Lots of close-ups and minimal choking, spanking and gagging which turns us off. Good rent for anal seex fans.

 from House Of Ass
Studio: Adam & Eve

A little different

We enjoyed this. Scenes ran a bit long and lighting was poor in some scenes due to filming in the natural setting (glare from windows). But still a nice view.

 from Weekend Bareback Getaway
Studio: Xtreme

Why can't more XXX be shot like this?

We give this 5 stars - even though there are only 2 performers in 4 scenes (the last two quite short) and running time is only about 45 minutes. Why? This has to be some of the best shot XXX (gay/bi/hetero) we have seen. It was realistic and erotic with good camera work. There was little doubt the performers were doing what comes to them naturally and it felt like a true voyeuristic experience. Rock hard dicks and no fake moans, no costumes, no shoes, etc. To us, all that detracts from the value of a movie rsther than enhancing it. We think nearly all movie producers are missing the boat and if they watched this flick, they would see what the public is craving in porn - no matter what the genre. You would have thought someone would have caught onto that by now. Seems like a huge untapped market. Wake up folks.

 from Only The A Hole #15
Studio: Odyssey

Good Butt Sex

Nice movie and good rent. Each scene well shot and is about 18 minutes long so it keeps moving well, although it does mean the 5 scenes total only 90 minutes.

 from I Love 'Em Natural #1
Studio: Acid Rain

OK rent

Girls were natural as promised - that was nice. One scene was too rough for our taste - nothing sexy to us about stuffing a donut in a girl's mouth and then forcing here to perform oral sex. Not quite as much anal as the description would lead you to believe, I think 2 of the 6 scenes were vag only. But overall we found a sufficient amount of nice stufff to watch in this movie.

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