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All Reviews by Marvin
 from Passion Potion, The
Studio: Wicked

Very Good For An Older Movie.

If this movie was remade today, it would be the best movie ever. It is worth renting. You will love the first scene.

 from Second Chance
Studio: Wicked

Rip Off Of Forever Young.

Just a rip off of Forever Young, which was not a good movie. This was an OK flick, but I have seen better.

 from From Dusk Till Down
Studio: Damaged

What Was This Movie About?

The sound quality was bad, the filming was bad, the acting was bad, the story was the worst. I almost think they accedentally spliced two movies together and they both sucked. I love adult films and this was so bad that I almost quit watching them.

 from Taboo #8
Studio: Cal Vista


The sex was boring, the acting was worse. The plot really didn't reflect a "Taboo" movie. Nothing of real value.

 from Body Talk
Studio: VCX

I love old school porn, but....

I love old school porn... but this was just bad. There were very few actors, and the ones that this had were fat and chubby. The story made little since and I fast forwarded through almost the entire move. Do not get me wrong. I love old school classic movies, but save your time and NEVER rent this film.

 from Teenage Twins
Studio: VCX

Rent this film

I would say 100% to rent this, but I am not sure if I will ever return it. If you like Taboo films, with a hint of uncontrol disire, then hell yeah. Seriously, I might never return this movie.

 from Devil's Playground, The
Studio: VCX

Absolute Crap

This was really bad. The quality of the film was bad, the acting was bad and the sex was bad. Total crap.

 from Girls On Fire
Studio: VCX

If You Like 70'S Films, Then Great.

This is a great 70's movie. The plot is sort of funny, but the girls look great. I just keep rewatching it. I used to hate old porn movies, but this is a great one you should watch.

 from Wet Fantasies
Studio: Adam & Eve

Very Bad!

The plot was bad the sex was worse. I fast forwarded threw almost the entire movie and it was back in the mail within 20 minutes of arrival.