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All Reviews by Maleora
 from Gangbang Girl #32
Studio: Anabolic

Not Much Scene Variety

Scenes were good, but their was only 2 and they were very long. I think it may have been better to shorten the scenes and have more of them. The first scene had two girls and the second one, so all in all you only see three women. A little more variety would have been nice.

 from Playing With Cody Lane
Studio: Anarchy


This is an interactive dvd, which if you have made it as far as reading this review I am sure you already know. However I did not, (drunken night with bf picking top rated titles, what can I say) any how, we were both severely disappointed with this rental. Cody really isn't all that great, especially not good enough to carry an entire film all by her lonesome. If interactives are your thing you will proly rate this a 2.5-3.5, decent looking but not good looking chick, some menu interactivity. Something about repeating video loops just doesn't do it for me though - and it makes everything seem soooo scripted. Additionally I find that these types of films provide me with 30 mins of entertainment max, where a normal porn may last me four hours because of the introduction of different women, men and situations. You ca see just about everything a interactive has to offer in 20-35 mins I think that is kinda pathetic.

 from Desires
Studio: Wicked

Not So Great

nice bodies but over all pretty bland, artsy fartsy type of composition. beautiful girls and nice looking guys in an artful display but nothing really exciting - overall i found it rather boring. everything is super over exposed so much so that i checked the settings on my projector, twice! its an ok movie but nothing to write home about - if you are fairly straight edge you would proly like this film. everything is filmed in a sort of hazy overexposed dream/fantasy sequence and that kind of sanitizes it, personally i would rather see something a little more down and dirty, and at the least, realistic! although this film is attempting a feature film type quality (compared to standard porn that is) it is no pirates - if you wanna watch a "movie" type porn then i highly suggest you watch that movie, i have yet to find its equal in a "movie" type porn.