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All Reviews by Mack
 from Zazel (Disc 1)
Studio: Cal Vista

Could Have Been A Great Couples Movie

A very artistic movie that goes way beyond the normal porn. The painted pussy that looked like a flower was my favorite part. I thought it might be a better couples movie but most of the scenes were women only, and all of the scenes seemed to be longer than they needed to be. I think it all need more dialogue or something else to give it more of a story.

 from Dream Quest
Studio: Wicked

Very Original

Watched this one with the wife and we were both amazed at the big budget effects, costumes and makeup this had. The extras such as the making of video were also entertaining. My biggest gripe is Jenna. I'm just not into inflated boobs and that neck tattoo is just plain ugly.

 from Villa, The
Studio: Studio A

Disappointing For A Blake Movie

Let me preface this by saying I'm a big fan of Andrew Blake's work. But this is by far the worst movie I've seen from him. The action isn't much more than you could see at a good strip club, and the biggest problem is that the music comprises the whole sound track. No dialogue, not even moans. Makes the whole thing boring enough to pretty much fast forward through the whole movie.

 from Justine
Studio: Studio A

Not Blake's Best

I'm usually a big fan of Andrew Blake's movies. But this one was pretty disappointing. I knew it was all girl, but that's no excuse for not having anything happen. Lots of tit rubbing but that's about it.

 from Fashionistas (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel

Best Deep Throat

i haven't seen the first disk yet, so i can't really rate this on the story yet. but as this disk starts out there's a brunette who my first reaction was that she wasn't very pretty for a porn star. but later when you see how she can deep throat even the biggest cocks, you understand why she's in the movie. some of the s&m was interesting, other scenes were a bit too much for me. glad to see that the taboo of s&m and actual sex has been broken.

 from Sophia
Studio: Marc Dorcel

One Of The Best

This is one of the best porno movies I've seen in a long time. The guys and girls are both attractive making it a great couples movie. Nice sets, beautiful lingerie, and excellent camera work give it a class rarely seen in porno. Only a few downsides like one actress who seemed to be bored even when her ass was getting pounded.

 from Sensual Exposure
Studio: Studio A

One Of The Best

I originally saw this on VHS when it first came out and had to rent it again. Very few porn movies are worth watching again, but this one is. Not much plot, but the settings and sex make it worth watching several times. Great Victorian mansion adds a lot of class to this movie.

 from Wild Cherries
Studio: Metro

Starts With A Bang

I rented this because I thought from the previous review this film had a double anal scene. Just to clarify, it is a standard pussy/anal DP. Still a good scene. The movie starts with a great scene and the first girl has a really great ass. The following scenes taper off progressively, and I didn't really watch the last scene, it seemed like it belonged in some other movie. The first four scenes have girls with natural tits, a real pleasure to see.

 from Priscila Pornochic #6
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Good Stories Even Without Dialogue

Almost a good couples movie. The first scenes feature beautiful women in very pretty lingerie, typical of Mark's movies. The stories presented are interesting, and the hotel one is funny, even without a word of dialogue. (It's a French movie, but the only spoken sounds are ooh, and ah, which are univeral.) Only the last scene was a bit too much for the wife, with very furious anal sex and A2M throughout the scene.

 from Fetish Factor #2
Studio: Bizarre Video

What A Waste

This video only had four scenes, one of which I just saw in the previous video I rented. The other three scenes were pretty boring, both from a fetish point of view and from a sex point of view (there wasn't any)

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