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All Reviews by Luxnigra
 from Blacks N' Blue
Studio: Video Team

Needed To Be Less Mainstream

janet jacme's presence always ensures that a movie can't be too bad, but this was the overly-glam, airbrushed, hollywood porn view of black bondage. these folks could do a great film with a black dominant woman/women and submissive brothers. then the action would most certainly heat up. but i fear that from the video team people, that kinda flick would not fly in a large segment of the black community. as one reviewer said though, "good try" i'll second that emotion, as smokey sang.

 from Bootylicious: Fly Girlz
Studio: JM Productions

Nba Hotticity

OK, this may be from the oh-four, but it is a beautiful sight to see, so many NBA shots: Nice/Nasty Black Anus. Just the long shots of the assholes of these very cute black girls is worth the price of rental alone. The camera lingers on the women's tasty asses. Worth repeated viewing.

 from Black Cherry Coeds #4
Studio: Heatwave

Tasty Nubian Princesses

With the exception of the boring blowjob scenes, this move is great. It's wonderful too see a young sister lose her anal cherry and really get hot and bothered with a cock in her ass. Also, these girls don't have that kinda 'android'/plastic surgery appearance that is unfortunately so common in 'older' porn stars. This is definitely one of the best in this series.

 from Ghetto Teen Love
Studio: West Coast

Very Hot Flick!

this is a must-see if you like to see 18 & 19 year old nubian cuties having their sweet pussies eaten and getting fucked i one or both holes. a few highlights are the dark-skinned sister masturbating on the phone with her friend. this girl has a gorgeous, phat pussy that leaks all over. she would taste nice. even though the girl in the motel is not a great actor, the shot where she squirts the guy's cum out of her ass is sweet. i'd love to taste her gorgeous asshole. the young girl losing her chocolate cherry to her best friend's brother is also beautiful. my only complaint: why do black women in porn never have natural hair styles? i'd love to see a sister with locks, braids, or even a short natural in a porn flick, know what i mean? 'nuff weaves, extensions, etc. a beautiful black woman with her natural hair is hot!

 from Big Black Wet Asses! #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Fine Nubian Queens + Hotttt...

A mouthwatering black anal extravaganza. The site of something hard and hot sliding up Jada Fire's tight brown anus is too much for the human mind and... to take. Ms Blue's enthusiasm made her scene mind blowing. Once again, nice to see some full-figured, dark-skinned black women rather than the over-emphasis in black porn on super skinny, light-skinned sisters. (who are beautiful in their own right--but y'know what I mean, right?)

 from Squirt In My Gape #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Tasting Jada Fire's Cum

Another great vehicle for Jada Fire. Just watching this beautiful Nubian goddess come all over the place is too much to take. She's not some skinny, anorexic, bone rack, like so many white girls in porn. She has beautiful 'African' features, and a gorgeous pussy. Just look at her thick, hard clit. Her asshole is mouthwatering. The scenes in which she fucks herself with the dildo are amazing. The fact that the women cum in squirt flix is what makes a movie like this worth rewinding again and again.

 from Bitches Ballin' Boys #3
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Now This Is Why Porn Was Invented

hot black women fucking white guys in the ass and those same guys sucking the women's 'cocks' equals extremely nasty, great porn. to see a sister in control of the action, feeding white guys 'dick' 'til they gag and tooling their assholes is a beautiful sight. guys, if you think this isn't a turn-on, try it with your girlfriend and see how hot things get. girls, haven't you always wanted to really fuck a guy-good & proper?

 from Lesbian BBBW #2
Studio: Heatwave

Finally: Some Nubian Princesses

fundamentally, i agree with reviewer, 8, this film contains some beautiful sisters, who don't conform to the american 'beauty' standard: tall, thin, & blonde, but the sex is so mechanical. i mean damn!, the girls' pussies don't get wet at all. they're not into it. if you're looking for cute black women who aren't skinny-as-a-rail, this movie is good, but far as erotic black lesbian sex, this leaves a lot to be desired.

 from Pink Eye #6
Studio: Notorious

Aesthetically Very Satisfying

Easily viewed as totally misogynistic, this is an aesthetically gorgeous film in the series, this time featuring some very pretty (and dignified) black women. Cum shots can be viewed as woman-hating in which case you'll strongly dislike this film. But the fact is, this a more honest portrayal of what the cum shot represents in mainstream porn. It tells the truth about the cum shot--it's not pretty or glamorous.

 from Jada Fire Is Squirt Woman #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Jada Fire is a beautiful Nubian goddess and to see her come so hard all over her co-stars is wonderful. The second scene, which combines anal and Jada's squirting pussy is heaven on earth.

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