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All Reviews by Lotf
 from Black Grannies In Bootyland #1
Studio: Gentlemen's

Pretty Good

The women are heavy. They seem inexperienced and, perhaps, embarrassed, which added to the appeal.

 from Seattle Hairy Girls #5 & #6
Studio: Rodney Moore

Not Much Sex

This is a typical Rodney double-up. You think you'll get twice as much, and you don't get much at all. If you like to look at hairy women, it's great. But there are only two blowjobs and one full sex episode.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #23
Studio: Rodney Moore

Great Film

I've rented 83 DVDs. This was my first five-star rating. Rodney, as others have noted, can be artsy and sometimes shows no sex or just oral sex. But this time you get full sex in all five segemnts, even anal in one. The girls have that regular look I find appealing. The plot lines can be surprisingly original, as when Rodney offers to suck smaller the breasts of a woman who wants a breast reduction, or when Rodney quickly seduced the lady who arrived with a petition to close down a neighborhood strip bar. The scene with the kneeling lady in the apartment, wearing nothing but a blindfold, was appealing.

 from Seattle Hairy Girls #9 & #10
Studio: Rodney Moore


You think you'll get twice as much, and you don't get much at all. Lots of girls, but not much action. Another of Rodney's strange arty films.

 from Kama Sutra Fuck Fest #1
Studio: Gentlemen's


Only three girls. The disappointment is that girl #3, older and flabbier and, I think, sexier, didn't remove her bra.

 from Love Hairy Beaver
Studio: Gentlemen's

Only Three

Only three secenes, and three women (one a scene), which was disappointing BUT pretty good scenses. First an older woman, claiming to be 39, then a young, slim, enthusiastic and well-bushed one, then an Hispanic.

 from Seattle Hairy Girls #11 & #12
Studio: Rodney Moore

Don't Rent This

Instead of getting double, you get not much at all. The girls are hairy and appealing BUT there's not much sex. There's a little lesbian action between two of them, one uses a dildo and only one actually has sex with Rodney. Rodney sometimes gets arty. This is one of those times.

 from Big-Um-Fat Black Freaks #2
Studio: Evasive Angles

Very Good

Attractive, enthusiastic, large, real-seeming women. All five sections were appealing.

 from Hot Latin Pussy Adventures #48
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Something More

four of the ladies in this one were typical of the pleasing young hispanic women in the series. what set this one apart was the fifth scene, with an older woman who "was just waiting for her husband" then somehow very quickly got talked into having sex. very good segment in a good dvd.

 from Nubian Luva
Studio: Smash


IF you like not-especially-glamorous black ladies who appear to be doing a film just once, reluctantly, this is very good.

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