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All Reviews by Lised
 from Screw My Wife Please #8
Studio: Wildlife

Among this series this is one of the best with two very lovely ladies, Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Daniels. Just that Mrs. Sanchez tits looked like two basketballs. Lots of anal action.

 from Phat Beats
Studio: Video Team

Has A Story Line

This has a story line although nothing spectacular but, at least, there is something between the sheets.

 from Screw My Wife Please #23
Studio: Wildlife

The host/narrator is an interesting concept for the most part he just sits around and adds commentary,sometimes even stands with the husband watching the wife get fucked. Yes, commentary in a porn flick. The girls range from slightly above average to average. The Georgia Peach on the cover is a brickhouse and definitely gets my vote as the best of this movie.

 from About A Woman
Studio: Wicked

Great Story Line

This is by far one of the best acting/directing jobs I've seen in a porno flick. There was even a real story line. Got interrupted and paused the movie, when I came back and restrated it thought it was a soap opera. The best line in the whole movie was when the obnoxious date asked, "Is it something I said?" Plus, the audio was good. Highly recommend this movie especially if you are tired of the unattached slam-bam pornos where you take your stopwatch to see how fast before the sex starts.

 from A Night At The Bordello (Une Nuit Au Bordel)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Good Story Line

An improbable story of a cop who sets out to bust a bordello and ends up becoming a valued customer. Good looking "real" girls with boobs that flop. An entertaining story with good sex.

 from Strawberry Fuck!
Studio: Oriental Dream

Not Worth Your Time

Average looking girl with strawberry hair and a decent bush get screwed, there are better movies available.

 from Alexandra
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Good Production

Excellent video quality. The last scene seemed to go on forever but the faces and bodies were worth looking at. The story line never came to a logical conclusion but who cares with all the good looking girls.

 from South Central Hookers #10 & #11
Studio: Heatwave

A Somewhat Usual Story Line

Hookers ripping off pimps...not a new storyline but fairly well done. Follow girls who are not making money for their man and girls doing tricks. Good sexual action.

 from Ladies Man
Studio: Heatwave

This Is Fun Porn

Once you get past Lemar's retro hairstyle you are introduced to a character that advertises himself on his own public access channel by his signature drink (Hennessy) and the show's title "The Bitch's Man". The women are beautiful and they suck and screw. Worth the laughs.

 from Horny Over 40 #32
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

One Out Of 5 Ain't Bad

Skip the movie and go for the bonus with Nicole. Paige is hot the rest of the women are not. Nikki gives a banana a good lick. Sergeant Simone is hilarious, imagine screwing a woman dressed in fatigues and sunglasses.

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