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All Reviews by Lemmy
 from And The Rimmer Is...
Studio: Wicked


The actresses for the most part were hot, the action was on the slow side and pretty average. Very little anal involved other than a few anal sex scenes. Most of the rimming was a few seconds before some oral sex or standard sex commenced.

 from 24 Hours Of Intensive Care
Studio: Colossal

Running Commentary relly sucked

The "Girls" were not very good looking girls and the running commentary throughout the film was just annoying

 from Amateur Extravaganza #2
Studio: Odyssey


Unfortuntly i have to give this 1 star. Normally i love Amateur vids but wow has any of these women heard of a razor or personal grooming? Pretty disgusting even one chick with what appeared to be hair growing inside of her lips it was so bad. Ugh unless your a fan of big hairy bushes id take a pass on this one if i was you. Oh yea looked like the footage was old, i mean real old.

 from 1st Annual Amateur Rookie Search #2
Studio: Grindhouse Porn

Not Bad

It wasn't fantastic but it was fairly decent the chicks were either fairly attractive or had something intresting about there bodies that kept my attention. Plus they looked real not fake like most porn actresses these days, you know just too perfect or too plastic.