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All Reviews by Kievianrus
 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #15
Studio: Kick Ass

Waste Of Time!

this dvd is an absolute bore. the videography is prozaic and amatuerish at best - the whole is more like a behind the scenes featurette. i feel this way because there are no decent close-ups or proper camera movement and/or angles. not much of a gangbang, closer to a train but not really. one guy at a time (occational second guy involved getting a blow job) does the girl a basically one position then cums inside - repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. of the three models involved only the cover model, bianca pureheart, is attractive (the "prettiest girl in the room syndrome"), the other two are not. is i know is subjective but i think others would feel the same about my assessment. if you really, really like one of the models presented in this dvd then by all means watch, otherwise i would recommend that you don't. it is a complete waste of time! *note: i would have rated this no stars but that option is not available.

 from Harder Faster #7
Studio: Digital Sin

Hot Euro Babes

this dvd is chock full 'o extras (two bonus scenes, trailers, slide show) and bueatiful bodied european porn sluts. brunette beatrix is imho a gorgeous faced sexy young thing that does a nice anal scene, thou not overly kinky nor "gonzo". linda slim does a long session with two dudes with lots of anal and dp. i must confess to finding her body to be one of the best in porn (i like athletic natural bodies). she has increadable legs that lead up to a tight little butt, and she likes takin' it in the butt. she's cute, a nose job would make her perfect - to me. i've seen her more intense in other scenes, but she still provides pleasurable viewing here. angela winter's scene is intense in the fact that i can't believe such a small woman can take such an assult on her ass! i like her petite tiny body and find her all in all sexy (super slutty looks, thou not overly pretty, but then again she's no "super model"). she's into what she does and that's sexy. worth viewing if your into european porn chicks as well as hot bodied women takin' it up the ass.

 from Russian Institute #3
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Not For The Gonzo Lover.

The women were beautiful, well, most of them, and the production quality has quite good... but it wasn't intense enough for me. I prefer Gonzo style vids but enjoy a good Feature style vid if well done, ie: good premise and storyline to enhance the sex scenes, not get in the way as they did in this vid. The use of naration just didn't get the job done here. The brain is truly the largest sex organ and if you want to stimulate it, it has to be done correctly. This vid failed at that. Three stars for Hot European Women.

 from Gauntlet, The #2
Studio: Vouyer

Not Impressed

If your in to blowbangs then you will probably enjoy this vid, if not then don't bother renting this one. Cover girl Riley is cute but her scene(s) were not all I hoped for. First off she does a average POV type scene followed by a 5-way with another girl (one of the 5). In that scene the other girl does anal and dp, Riley however does neither! Disapointing. The other girls who's names I didn't bother to remember are average at best. If your looking for intense hardcore action don't look here.

 from 1 Dick 2 Chicks #5
Studio: Red Light District

not on par with other "red light" vids

The cover girls look good on the cover, it ends there. That is all I have to say about this disapointing vid.

 from Make Me Creamy #2
Studio: Vouyer

Failed To Excite.

within the "creampie" genre this vid is one of the worst. the women are not that attractive, save the cute faced blonde (first scene i believe, not the cover girl). the action was boring. this happens to be the second voyuer vid i've recieved from sugerdvd (didn't realize until they came) and both stunk! it was back in te envelope and in the mailbox the same day it came. terrible waste of time.