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All Reviews by Kick
 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #29
Studio: Kick Ass


Complete disappointment. After every guy cums the girl pushes it out then the scene gets cut and another guy starts. I found the whole thing boring. Who is jersey cummings trying to fool? She dips her first 2 fingers in cum and then sucks her 3rd finger. On her 2nd load I'm pretty sure blood starts to come out and the scene gets cut to another guy. Every time cum gets pushed out it's a disappointment

 from 150 Cum Farting Cream Pies
Studio: White Ghetto

Whole video fake. HORRIBLE!!!

This is the worst porn I've ever seen!! I didn't even make it half way through this. All farts are fake!!! Some of the guys were half soft while "cumming". Some of the girls are flat out gross. One chick has huge sores all over her legs. Every guy just puts his tip in and fakes cumming. This website should be ashamed to have this video in its library