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All Reviews by Kguy
 from World Of Sexual Variations, The #2
Studio: Adam & Eve

Not A Good Rent

Lots of scenes and none of them are too good. Lots of different fetishes which I do enjoy but they are all sub par. Rent this if you don't know what you already like so that you can try all different types. But if you know what you like, just get that.

 from 100% British Hardcore Fuckfest
Studio: Viv Thomas Collection


Never has so much potential been wasted. People watch british porn to hear those hot accents... not horrible music!

 from Daddy's Worst Nightmare #4
Studio: Hush Hush

Just Like The Rest

It's just like the rest of movies in the series. Very hot and huge black cocks on little white pussy. Nothing that seperates this film from the others in the series though which stops the 5 star rating.

 from What's Up Squirt? #2
Studio: Smash

So So

Was a decent movie for the price but not worth much more than that. Cytheria and Flower make the movie worth it but there isn't as much squirting as you would think.

 from Cum Eating Cuckolds #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Not Quite

This movie is decent but could have been a lot better. The later movies in this series do a lot better job of selling situation for you. If you like the humiliation and cuckolding than get the newer movies of this series and you wont be disapointed.

 from Shemale Sandwich #3
Studio: Magnus

Don't Do It

This movie isn't worth the rent. One scene is good but the rest are totally not worth it. 2 stars was a stretch for this movie. One of the actresses couldn't even get it hard.

 from American Bi #3
Studio: Pulse

Bj And Thats It

3 star because it is about as good as you can hope for from a movie with no penetration. About as hot of people and as quality of production as I have seen in bi porn though!

 from Cum Eating Cuckolds #3
Studio: Kick Ass

Love It!!!!

This is one of the best fetish videos I have ever seen, and I've seen more than a few. Very degrading towards the guys, which is a huge turn on. If you like Dom stuff try this one out.

 from Squirt Gangbang #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Great Flick

4 star all the way, the only improvement that I would have preferred would be if they could have broken the scene up and had 2 seperate scenes. Other than that this movie is amazing.

 from 100% British Hardcore Fuckfest #2
Studio: Viv Thomas Collection

Better Than The First

It is a generous 4 star rating but I just couldn't give it a 3 based on the opening scene. Hot doctor and british fetish in one!

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