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All Reviews by Keemo From Jamaica Queenz
 from World Class Ass #3
Studio: Red Light District

Pretty Good

MicheLLe was looking so good as she always does. A NiCe PhaT Ass, which was so lovely displayed as she rode the stick. The Females in this flim looked decent, and brought energy to scenes. I'd recommened it for those of you who like Latin Women.

 from Black Street Hookers #58
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

I'll Have To Say Yuck

The Young Diamond PiPes is my reason for getting this title. She has a BooTy-FuL Ass, and is such a cutie. Muahhh. But Ummmmm, her scenes were pretty weak. She didn't participate in the action enough for me. Just basically received the cock, and that was it. In her 1st scene I can understand. But I expected more in the 2nd. The rest of the females.....Ummmmmmm....Can you say Yuck? We have Casper The Ghost's sister, some Hardcore gangster ho, and some Skinnny broad from London. (LOL) Awww man. T.T. Boy did a poor job in selecting the chicks for this. BuT ummmm.. Lemme go finish watching this Notre Dame Football game. I don't recommend this Title.

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #8
Studio: Evasive Angles

Not To Impressed

Once again I only rented this title because of MicheLLe. That Ass Oh that Ass. WhaTTa Ass. Nice and Goldenly baked from SoLar. Ever so plump and firm. Oh yeah,did I mention her Ass? It's Great isn't it? But as far as the scenes go, they were just ok. Nothing that would make me wanna hold on to this title. Glad I can rent this movies opposed to having to spend over twenty dollars to buy it. Thanks for allowing us that option. You People deserve HuGs.

 from Black Booty Cam #11
Studio: West Coast

Good Flick

FinaLLy a porn where just about all of the females are attractive. (Minus Honeycomb, lol) I gave this flick four stars. The women have nice bodies, and the scenes were good. Before each scene starts you get to observe the ladies in their sexy attire, oppose to them immediately getting straight to the sex. I recommened this flim 100%. If you wanna see some CuTe FaCes and NiCe asses, add this dvd to your line up.

 from Assliciously Delicious #3
Studio: West Coast

Not Too Impressed

I only rented this title because of the lovely Michelle. Her Ass is LiKe Whoa. An Ass like that gets 5 Stars from me anyday. She got Ass fa Dayz. (Put a week on it) But as far as the scenes go, none of them really impressed me. The chicks didn't bring enough energy to the table. I'm just so glad that I didn't have to buy this flick in order to view it. This will be mailed back today. (And I just received it yesterday).