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All Reviews by Just Another Guy
 from Slant Eye For The Straight Guy #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Solid Performances!!!

Just an all around solid Asian selection. Not as long as I would have liked which always says something. The girl in the second scene was a 10 and the scenes were well done. Mixed it up and had beautiful women. Good times all the way around. Strongly suggest this and worth the 5 star rating. Probably a 4.5 but is worth discussing in the 5 star range. I'm saying rent it.

 from Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #1
Studio: Third World Media

Well Said

The girls are nice, a little doughy but worth the rental. Seemed like they were going through the motions a little too much but they were attractive with average to better than average bodies. Could have used a little more life out of them. Worth the rental though.

 from Jammed In Japan #1
Studio: Third World Media

Lot Of Milage

Cute girls, long movie and was enjoyable. They showed more life than typical whining Asian porn flicks. Worth renting!

 from Little Asian Cock Suckers #1 & #2
Studio: Third World Media

Cute Girls!

The name says it all. If you're into Asian oral porn then this is the choice for you. The girls were cute and all had something to get excited about, but in the end it's just oral with no real pay off. This would have been 5 stars if these girls went full menu, and I was expecting much more. Good choice if you want to mix it up a bit. There were lots of different girls which was cool.

 from Chest Full Of Asians #5
Studio: Third World Media

Well Described

So far these are some of the best scenes I've seen. Realistic and the girls aren't getting crushed or basically crying the way a lot of genuine Asian women do when screwing. A couple of these girls are genuinely cute too so that made it even better. I gave it 5 stars cuz compared to what I've seen it was the best so far.

 from Pretty Little Asians #47
Studio: Third World Media

I did not give it a headline cuz there was nothing worth headlining. Not a memorable selection if you're looking to get excited about a flick. Average, and vanilla in an Asian sort of way. I would pass and try to find something a little more lively unless this is the only choice you have. If that's the case then don't bother.

 from Asian Nurses
Studio: 818

Well Described

A couple of these girls are smoking hot and have rocking bodies. The scenes were well done. Sometimes the girls weren't really into it but I've noticed it's tough to get it all. One of the best I've seen in the Asian category cuz of their bodies, ability to speak english and scenes. The nurse thing always helps too.

 from Sakura Tales #11
Studio: DVSX

There Are Moments

Not bad but the girls were a little doughy, but natural. They were all pros, that's for sure. Some seemed to be going through the motions. Hoping for a little more excitement out of em, but they played their part. By the reviews and the stars I expected more.

 from I'm A Tease #3
Studio: Wicked

Natural Asian Pros

These girls were not your typical Asian group. A very diverse group. Some were not visually Asian as you would have though. A few tatoos and piercings and they were thicker than I expected. However they were natural which was a pleasant surprise. Not what I was hoping for overall. Average at best. Does the trick but not worthy of a repeat.

 from I Love Katsumi (Disc 1)
Studio: New Sensations

Aggressive Professionals

These ladies are hot and all have good to great bodies. Aggressive, hardcore pumping and grinding going on here. These girls are no amatuers and aren't messing around. No tender moments shared in this DVD. They definitely earned their money cuz of all the anal involved. Interested to see Disc 2 now so that's a good sign.

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