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All Reviews by Jt
 from Obsession of Laure, The (L'Obsession de Laure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Great - As Always

I reccomend any flick by Marc Dorcel! Laura Sinclair is awesome as well as the rest of the women in the production! Storyline is a bit weaker in this one - but do we really care? The best scene we liked is the one where the extreemly cute secretary didn't dust. Just wait to see what her boss had her do for a punishment! You'll love it, my wife and I did!

 from Cost of Lust, The (Le Prix de la Luxure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Pretty Ok

As always, Laura is terrific. A very sexy woman! The rest was OK. My wife loved it. The major distraction was one of the women. We ended up calling her the human vibrator. She would shake her head quickly at times which was distracting. Other than that she was very sensual.

 from Aria
Studio: Studio A

Not Into It

aria is hot - do doubt! she has a perfect sultry body. that is all this film had. aria was not into anything that was taped. sexually she was removed from each scene. her primary act was "look see my perfect breasts!" as she jiggled them. don't get me wrong a little amount of this goes a long way, but it was throughout the entire flick! ever heard of too much of a good thing . . . my wife said, that she would have liked a lot more contact and passion between the women (ie love making). i agree. there is very little kissing and no contact beyond that. these make for very long and boring watching sessions. we did not finish the video. blake does a great job in finding beautiful women to be a part of his productions. he has terrific sets. all the potential is there for a very hot production, but all we get is women slauntering about in various levels of dress (or not) letting us know that they are hot. my final comment is the music. the music quality was equivalent to what i did as a kid pecking away on the church piano. awful! my wife said that shed almost have enjoyed the movie better if the sound was turned off.

 from Whispers
Studio: New Sensations

A Good Rent!

Nothing special or bad poped out at me - somewhat typical - but on the better side. My wife and I got busy early in this one - so I guess this ment it was well done. The women are beautiful and the action was well done. I fully reccomend.

 from Phantasm
Studio: Wicked

Some Really Good Scenes

This was OK, There was some really good scenes. If you like threesomes, this is a must!

 from Dangerous Woman (Harcelement au Feminin)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

As Always Dorcel Makes Some Good Ones

I always like Dorcel Movies. This one is no exception. Very good scenes, imagination and women.

 from Nurse's Diary, The (Journal d'une Infirmiere)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Very Exciting!

This was a very exciting dvd. The women are real and beautiful! I don't usually watch these things multiple times, but this one I did!

 from Things Change: Letting Go
Studio: Cal Vista


This should be a four and a half (plus). The big problem with this one was the sound track. Music was loud where the vocals were soft. But beyond that - smooth sailing! My wife and I loved this movie very much! This was done in the early 90's before the heavy reliance on fake boobs, spitting and very thin women. The women in this movie are natural beauties, with naturally fluid breasts of a wide range of sizes. If there are women in the business or producers reading this, please take note - tiny natural breast are far sexier than hard solid large ones. They just cannot flow or move like naturally large ones. The acting and story line were superb - beating out an average B-Movie. The sex was superb. This ranks as one of the best movies I've rented so far.

 from Things Change: My First Time
Studio: Cal Vista


We happen to rent the second movie in this series first. This was just as good as that one! Though the movie centers around lesbians, it has some very good male-female coupling. The girl/girl scenes are scorching. The producer picked a teriific cast. The women could act fairly well for a porn flick and were 100% real. The main character is a knockout. I fully reccomend both this one and the next for viewing. Both my wife and I enjoyed this movie very well, you will too.

 from Girlfriends
Studio: Studio A


This is my second 5 star rating. Actually it is 6 stars. Very high quality photography, excessively beautiful women and excelent senerios. These women spen just over 2 hours playing with each other and themselves. They lightly touch each other and give each other an abundance of kisses and embraces.

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