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All Reviews by Johnster
 from Barely Legal #9
Studio: Hustler


I've always liked the Barley Legal series. This DVD was ok, but I'd like to see the segments a little more in length. Otherwise, it was ok.

 from Katrina Pornochic #2
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Porn Porn Porn

I felt that Katrina Pornochic #2 was OK but a total absence of plot. However, the photography was well done. The girls were good-lookers. The settings were interesting too. Near the end, a scene was shot at a house similar, perhaps, to a small castle (kind of). 3 Stars I'd say.

 from Booty Talk #37
Studio: West Coast

Great One-On-Ones

i enjoyed this dvd alot. the six great "one-on-one" scenes were awesome. technically it's got darn good video, and they made an effort for good close-ups too. i kept the dvd for more than a week before returning it. i watched it several times. i wanted to give it a 4.5 rating but i decided to give it 5-stars since i had to choose between 4 or 5 stars.

 from Tokyo Teen Idol #31
Studio: Oriental Dream

Some Cuties Fer Sure!

There were not a large variety of people on this dvd. I'd say it warrants an average rating. However, you'll find a few black bushes in this movie.

 from Shane's World #29
Studio: Shane's World

Another Shane Trip To Somewhere

There were some good scenes but for the most part, several of the scenes were similar. In several of these scenes, they commented that they had to wrap things up because their husband or boyfriend might be coming home soon. I guess, it just didn't work well for me. Some of the SHANE'S WORLD early movies (ie; #1-8 or 9) were steller when Shane was on screen.

 from Cream Pie #35
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

They Didn't Skimp On Close-Ups!

This DVD included a bonus scene and a bloopers scene. I felt that the DVD was pretty good. I liked it. I think that a 4-star rating might be appropriate. There were several tasty scenes which were quite good.

 from Handjobs #10
Studio: Wildlife

The Girls Kept Busy

The movie lived up to it's name. I gave it 3 stars because the movie is at least average - if not slightly better.

 from Handjobs #16
Studio: Wildlife

Below The Neck!

There are 11 scenes on this DVD. Some are good; some less good. The interesting thing is that you never see the men's faces. I rate it just 2-stars because of that.

 from Asian Thighs, Creampies #2
Studio: Damaged

Not A Bad Dvd. Personally, I Give It 3 Stars.

This DVD has lots of close-ups! There are quite a variety of couples in this DVD as well (after all, it takes at least two to tango!).

 from Horny Hairy Girls #8
Studio: Rodney Moore

This Dvd Has Some Plots To It!

there are five scenes on the dvd. the first two seemed like they really took some effort to have short plots. i even found some humor in them as well. with no plot i'd give it a "3-star" but because of the first two scenes, i added another star to make it a 4-star review.

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