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All Reviews by Johnny Wadd Jr.
 from Black Throat
Studio: VCA

Another Dark Bros. Classic

if you liked dmj3+4 and/or the creasemaster, then you shouldn't be dissapointed with this dark bros. feature. the opening credits theme song is almost as funny as the one from "deep inside vanessa del rio!" also noteworthy is a young cristy canyon in one scene. also really liked the 80s afro-american ladies featured in this movie. only complaints are that the movie was a bit on the short side and that there weren't more scenes with interracial group sex or three-ways (like the opening scene). this is probably one of the first interracial "mainstream" porno classics from the 80s. note: if you're annoyed by the 80s porno cliche of repetative editing to make the scenes seem longer, this may not be the porn for you. if you can get past this, then rent it by all means!

 from Kelly The Coed #7
Studio: Heatwave

The Series That Seems To Have No End...

...not that it's a bad thing. I've only seen Kelly parts 1-3 and this release, so I can't compare it to every sequel released thus far. Still, it's a decent entry in this long running series. Although, it's not up to par with the original or part 3 in my humble opinion. Still, great girls and fresh faces make for a strong entry (pun intended) in the series. RECOMMENDED (especially for Kelly fans)!!

 from Hard Days At The Office
Studio: Black Widow

Those Brits Are Nastier Than I Thought!

One of the only British Porns I've ever rented. Didn't expect it to be so nasty! Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but there was too much anal for my taste. NO complaints about the women in this though. All were as hot as or even hotter than your average American porn star. Really liked the lesbo scene too and it featured some hot bird with a huge, natural rack! Really well done office-themed porno with group sex, lesbos, and nasty shagging! Recommended!

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Vanessa Del Rio #2
Studio: Gentlemen's


Really was looking forward to renting this Del Rio compilation. Well, I'm sorry but I was completely dissapointed. NO remastering of any kind. Too short to warrent a dvd release. Also, dubbing seemed to be outta sinc and the frame rate in some scenes seemed to be sped up 1.5X or so! Dunno if this was intention or not, but...who cares! Really shoddy release-don't waste your time and money. REnter/Buyer BEWARE!