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All Reviews by John
 from Asian Cream Pies
Studio: Back End

Lamest And Weakest Piece Of Shit I've Seen In A While

This is not worth your time. Avoid this dvd. There are 2 pretty girls but The guy talks too much during the scene and it's mostly the girls masturbating. Then, it's a bj that lasts for like 5-10 mins, but the guy is still kinda soft. When he does fuck them, he literally gives a 3 second fuck and comes outside their pussies. That's not a fucking cream pie. And then the guy has to keep talking about what a big load he's got. Even though he gave 3 thrusts before shooting, he's gotta say how much of a man he is. Fuck that. Plus, there's a girl with a huge nasty shit stain birth mark on her ass. Avoid all these dvds from BackEnd. They have the same guy and some pretty girls, but the quality sucks.