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All Reviews by Jj Action
 from Anal Princess Diaries #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Mixed Feelings

I'm torn between giving this one a three or a four star rating. Hillary is in every scene (with a few girlfriends involved). She is so beautiful, I could stare at her all day. And she takes the dick like a true slut. It almsot goes overboard in some places. Her sweet innocent looks do not match her sex intake. She's fucking insane when it comes to taking a cock or multiple cocks. I would love to see her being a bit more intimate.

 from Bottomless #4
Studio: Fusxion


Decent movie with a couple of fantastic scenes. Here's the run down: Scene 1 - Carmen -hot brunette with a perfect body having some really good sex. Scene 2 - skip Scene 3 - Hillary Scott and Stacy Thorne (on the cover) - Words can not express how awesome this scene is. One of the best 2 on 1 scenes I've ever seen. And it's pretty long too These two girls make a great duo. There are times where Hilary Scott (left) looks just like Paris Hilton. Scene 4 - Skip Scene 5 - Dillan Lauren - a very hot brunette in an average sex scene. Besides her, nothing too special in this scene. All in all, this rental was not too disappointing. I would definately recommend this DVD to the anal lover.

 from Squirting 201 #3
Studio: Exquisite

Good For Some, May Not Be Good For Others

Put away the lube and tissues and get out your pen and paper, it's time for Squirting 201. The scenes consisted of a director telling the girls what positions they should lie in, and what the guy needs to do with the motion of his hand or cock to make them squirt. Some with success and some without. There is a lot of talking and a lot of stop-and-go throughout the scenes. Although you may learn a few tricks from this DVD, I have learned that it's hard to get a nut through all the distraction.

 from Strip Tease Then Fuck #7
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Don't Skip It

the chicks were made out to look like strippers. way to much with the makeup. they did their little strip dance, teased, stripped out of their little stripper clothes, then of course, fucked. the dancing was dragged out, thank god for the fast forward button. but, the camera angles and cute little pussies on all the girls was quite the turn-on. way to go memphis monroe, jasmine byrne and august in this one. august, you should be nominated for the "best ass in porn" award. 3 out of 6 scenes were awesome. 2 scenes were definately worth jizzing too (you slutty blondes). the bonus scene was my least favorite out of the bunch, but what do you expect from the bonus. it's like porn's b-side.

 from Ass Watcher, The #4
Studio: Fusxion

Smokin' Brunettes

Three very hot brunettes in this one. Claudia Rossi, Angel Dark and Simone Style. Simone was by far the hottest. The only problem was that her scene lacked the foreplay blowjob with that beautiful face of hers. Pat, don't leave out any blowjobs! The two blondes, Sarah Blue and Jane Darling, were hot as well. Every scene was a keeper.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #25: Blondes
Studio: Kick Ass

Average Compilation

All the scenes came with a stupid little plot. But only three scenes are worth mentioning: Jessica Darlin, Monica Mayhem and Pantera. And unless your a Mary Carey fan, and I'm not, you might like her little cheerleading sex skit. The lesbo scene was boring. The gangbang scene wasn't very entertaining at all with the exception of Fiona Cheeks' pretty little pink hole.

 from Pretty Pussies Please #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Worth A Look

If they could only get the girls to have pretty faces too. A couple of them did, but most of them wore enough makeup to paint a pretty good sized American flag. It's your typical 3rd degree type flick. All the girls wore that extra slutty stripper clothing (fishnets, silky skirts and bikini outfits, etc.) and kept it on throughout every entire scene. I dug it, but maybe some well not. They all had some great bodies, however. Too bad there wasn't anything special within the special features department.

 from Cum Rain Cum Shine #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Tiana Lynn Has No Water Weight

great scenes in this flick. tiana lynn is squirting away in almost every one of them. only a couple of the other girls squirt a little but not nearly much as tiana. there is a funny scene where she slips off the back of a leather couch where a "boing" sound effect is dubbed in. check out the behind the scenes footage to show what really happened in between the cuts (funny shit). the bonus sex scenes are pretty good as well. very hot girls. solid rental.

 from Ready Wet Go #2
Studio: 3rd Degree

I've Got A New Fetish

Oil that is! It's crazy how an average looking porn star can look like a slicked up goddess after a couple bottles of baby oil get squeezed upon her. Keep these series coming 3rd degree! I would like to see you cross the oil idea with a lot of pussy squirting and more of that white creamy coming out of the bung hole shit. That would be one killer 5 star rental!

 from Young Sluts, Inc. #18
Studio: Hustler

The Run Down

Two chicks to watch out for in this one: Faith and Jordan. Faith is a pale and tight brunette with a beautiful face. Jordan is a tight little bodied brunette who likes to fuck; and if your into pornstars, think Eva Angelina meets Sandra Romain. I like chicks who spread wide and constantly call for a cock to be jammed up inside them. The asian girl is really hot in the lesbo scene, but it's a little boring. (I wish she was with a hotter chick). Kylie, in another scene, is average in the face with a nice bod, but puts on a good performance. I guess every DVD seems to have its fall girl, and on this DVD,that would have to be Ivy. Sorry Ivy. As for another ratings killer, there's not much to look at in the extra features department either. Add these five girls up and you get a solid three star.

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