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All Reviews by JinSD
Astroglide Gel - 4 oz. from AstroglideAstroglide Gel - 4 oz.
Studio: Astroglide


I'd give this no stars if that was an option. Stuff loses its lubricating property very quickly. I'm surprised anyone gives it more than one star and that it's even on the market.

 from Young Harlots: The Governess
Studio: Harmony Films

Not so young harlots

A lot of the performers in this are older and hard looking, especially one of the main females who looks like her best days were about twenty years ago. Kind of weird kink and lots of gaping anuses. Would have been a lot better video if the young lady who appears in most of the scenes actually participated in the sex.

 from Bi Now, Gay Later #1
Studio: Combat Zone


Performers just going through the motions. Don't seem to be all that excited about the sex, but at least the guys are hard. (There seem to be a lot of only semi-hard-ons among bi male performers.)

 from Argentina Amateurs #2
Studio: Argentina X

1 1/2 stars

I'm not sure Coolbreeze and I watched the same video. I think it's called Argentina "Amateurs" because of the performances and the camera work. The girls just keep staring into the camera and barely show any interest in what's happening. All scenes shot in the same room. No plot at all. I rented this mainly because of Sofi, but she's not much of a performer and apparently refuses to do anal; bummer. I'd put some other Argentina Amateur videos in my rental queue, but after watching this, I'm removing them.

 from ATK Galleria #14: Behind The Dorm Room Door
Studio: ATKingdom

Don't bother

No story lines to speak of, bad acting, unenthusiastic performances, lack of different camera angles. Waste of time and rental.