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All Reviews by Jb
 from PornoMation #1
Studio: Pornotopia

Not So Hot

Not nearly as good as the second Pornomation. Animated scenes too short to get much out of them, though the animation is great for those tired of anime. Rent the 2nd one---it's much better!

 from PornoMation #2
Studio: Pornotopia


LOVED this vid and ended up buying it. The short films at the beginning were hot, the animation is as real-looking as it can get when it was made, and the story is actually pretty good. Great for animation fans sick of anime or just wanting something other than anime.

 from Fuck The Teacher #2
Studio: Colossal


Was OK, but obviously porn stars in teacher roles. Would have been better if they could have found some more normal-looking girls--or at least wardrobes--for the teachers (come on, have you EVER seen a teacher wearing clear stripper heels??) Some scenes hot, some boring. Recommend having the remote handy to hit fast forward.

 from 5 Guy MILF Cream Pie
Studio: Kick Ass

Absolutely Awful

Could not even think about getting into this flick with the opening interview by pregnant porn star. Some MILFs hot, some not. Watched about 1/2 of it on fast forward, then gave up. PASS on this one.

 from 2 Hot 2 Handle
Studio: Playgirl


Definitely focueses on the guys rather than girls---which means the girls aren't all that hot. Guys give a little interview before some scenes, which is dumb, and most scenes just not that good. One hot scene with an Asian chick, though. That alone might be worth renting, and I'm not partial to Asians.