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All Reviews by Jackson
 from Phat Farm #6
Studio: Heatwave


There are only 3 scenes. I have no problem with bigger girls as long as they are curvy. But 2 of the girls are absolutely disgusting. I mean...there have to be minimum standards - or make this movie a freak movie, not a BBW goodness they were scary!

 from She's Gonna Blow P.O.V. #1
Studio: Digital Sin


Some of you might find this movie to be worth the time. I found it borderline disgusting. Girls spitting like there is no tomorrow. Girls spitting on each other, on the guy, and all over the place. Had to turn it off before I puked. Absolutely gross!

 from Fucking Fatties (5 Hours)
Studio: FilmCo

Old Crap

Compilation of movies made in the 1980's with ugly fat chicks and bad VHS tape. What a waste of time and money.

 from Beautiful Bubble Butts
Studio: Platinum Adult Sites


Absolutely horrible movie. There is nothing wrong with the porn stars in the movie. The problem is the movie itself. It looks like it was shot with a cell phone camera in somebody's basement. Video quality is awful, sound is non existent and the scenes only last 3 minutes. COmplete waste of time.

 from Japanese Milk Jugs
Studio: Third World Media

Worst Tease

I would have given this movie 4 stars - but it is not possible - Japanese porn has restrictions where they can't show penetration - well, I guess they forgot that this is not Japan and we are allowed to see everything - all the good stuff is blocked - too bad cuz the girls are freaking cute! Oh well...

 from Adult Supervision Required
Studio: Combat Zone


Other review is spot on. The girls are cute, but the scenes all suck. Is there anything more irritating than a porn flick with cute girls where nothing much happens? Just a big tease. I only give it 3 stars because the girls aren't ugly.

 from I Nailed A Hairy Chubby Chick
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video


Absolute waste of time. The girls are butt ugly and the guys are gross and hairy. The scenes are shot in low grade video with bad lighting. Not to mention, each scene is two guys and one girl...not exactly my thing. There is nothing wrong with a cute chubby chick, but this is your worst nightmare. Don't bother.

 from Big-Um-Fat Black Freaks #7
Studio: Evasive Angles

Not As Good

My opinion - not as good as the other Big-Um titles. If you haven't watched any of this series, rent the other titles first and put this one last. The earlier titles had nice "curvy" girls. There is a difference between nice curvy girls and borderline gross fat girls. I would have to say some of these girls fall in the gross category. Can't recommend it.

 from Roll Me A Fatty
Studio: Third World Media

Left Wanting More

Really disappointing movie. If you like bigger curvy girls, then this movie has them all. The girls are cute and chubby and have everything I love. But then each scene has two guys doing one girl - definitely not my thing. So I am caught between watching the girls I like in but in scenes that I hate. Had to turn it off and return the flick. Proper three-somes have two girls and one guy...not the reverse. Sorry.

 from Cash For Chunkers #5
Studio: Lethal Hardcore


If you like big curvy girls, this movie has everything you want. All the girls are pretty, and all the scenes are freaking awesome. And no, the girls are not fat and gross like some BBW flicks. And what can I say about Carmella Bing! She has instantly moved to my favorite porn star. She has gained weight and more curves over the years and now has the perfect body. No longer does she have a skinny body and big she has a big curvy body, huge tits and big phat ass. Oh my goodness...don't wait...move this flick to your #1...but only if you like them big and chunky.

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