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All Reviews by Jack Hoff
 from Gangbang Girl #1-2
Studio: Anabolic

Has Withstood The Test Of Time, A Classic

i saw this movie first sometime between '86 and '89. remarkable how her enthusiatic performance still speaks just as well today to the audience. smiling a very genuine smile as she is diddled and groped in all kinds of positions, she just may have originated small scale bukkakae in america with this film. notable that "cal jammer" is one of the male participants. he has since moved on from this earth. many other classic male performers of the 80's including a mullet or two plus the ubiquitous ron jeremy. the drinking of semen from condoms is as fresh a tactic today as it was then. tracy adams made one of these, and though not as hot as this one, it was still worthwhile as she usually did not participate in this sort of thing. to sum up: a timeless classic and groundbreaker.

 from Nice Rack #3
Studio: Anabolic

The Short Bus from Prague has Arrived

Why , oh why if you are making a big tit film wouldn't you insist that the ladies suck their own jugs? It happens here, but only one woman here, Nicole, seems to be into it. A few others give a compulsory lick or two, some don't at all! At least two of the Praguesters run to the bathroom after the $ shot. But I am dwelling on the negative. All in all foxy, clueless, young girls with big tits from Eastern Europe do lucky american porn filmakers. I guess I am just jealous.

 from Gangbang Girl #17
Studio: Anabolic

Hot as the Sun

Forget the nurse sequence. The apartment courtyard scene with Chloe and Tricia Devereaux is the best I have ever seen. Of course this is my opinion. I like the look of these two girls and they are filled with enthusisasm. There is just enough awe on Chloe's part to make the viewer believe this is not just another day at the office,(or orifice). I had seen stills on the net of this for years and wondered where they were from. Here it is. You have struck gold. Rent this flick. Tricia Devereaux is a Goddess.

 from Big Natural Tits #1
Studio: Evil Angel

Now we outsource dicks?

Great tits. I have kept this one the longest of all so far. BUT, don't we have men in America with hard peni, willing to F on camera? Do we really need some euro translating to us that his friend with the hard on finds the girl in the pink attractive? Global economy indeed. We are putting American studs out of work. For that matter, I will do these girls for free, (and the glory and honor of the USA)! Good Rent.

 from Rocco's Reverse Gangbang #1
Studio: Rocco Siffredi

More girls than you can shake your stick at, But. . .

couldn't rocco and his bud muster up more than one pop apiece? with this cast, i wouldn't have had a problem! he brings in ten dudes in the middle of the film to all blow their wads, but that lasts all of 5 minutes. beautiful girls in abundance. all shapes and sizes. they constantly "entertain" themselves (and us), in the background while not in the center ring of rocco's circus. extremely well lit both indoors and out. with all of this, i was still disappointed. perhaps i just expected too much. don't get me wrong, this is still first rate! it just could have been that much better with all they had to work with.

 from Gangbang Girl #27
Studio: Anabolic

Melting Snow

i would like to disagree with the other reviewers. i like aurora snow a lot, and she is nasty here, nasty looking. that "high school girl" look is replaced by a look that is pure porn star. i preferred the fresh snow to the slush. nothing wrong with this movie. just good by to innocence.

 from Big Natural Tits #5
Studio: Evil Angel

Suck my oui-oui! Geez. . .

does anyone else get irritated by these french pornsters blurting out,"euwwwwwwww, i am combing!" geez. i am a trade protectionist. americans can still f can't they? decent girls, but some high mileage items. most won't or are reluctant to lick their own nipples, which i consider mandatory in a big tit film. rita is the best in this flick. strangely enough, the two trios are the least rewarding. nice blonde nordic takes an unplanned shot to the kisser, the highlight of the movie for me!

 from Rain Coater's Point Of View #2
Studio: Red Light District

Raincoater has good reason to hide.

Trailer trash and streetwalkers worship faceless cock one by one. Mr. Raincoat has good reason not to show his face. With the exception of the last girl, I wouldn't want anyone to know I was doing these skanks.

 from Down The Hatch #6
Studio: Diabolic

sunrise & aurora snowball. . .

'Nuff said? Good assortment of girls. I would watch a movie of Sunrise Adams doing dishes, but when her and Aurora share the wealth. . .wow. I also liked the well endowed Scottie Andrews, especially when she couldn't stop laughing with goo all over her face. Those two scenes were enough for me to rate this a worthwhile show.

 from Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance

They mail it in. . .

well it isn't that bad. it just seems that there aren't many girls, or not many scenes, or three of the girls look the same. or perhaps it is the male having an orgasm, yelling like his unit is caught in the garbage disposal, (i hate that). no the overwhelming truth is that to be a barely legal film success, there has to be an element of naughtieness, and i am afraid these girls are too eager to please. there has to be some sort of veil of innocence. perhaps a look on their face for a second like,"maybe i shouldn't be here". i am afraid it is just another day at the office for these girls.

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