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All Reviews by Ilikegettinghead
 from Vacuum Hoes #1: Original Edition
Studio: Crush

Good for what it is

This is dvd one of a collection of eight. All POV and the same guy gets the BJ's in just about all 8 DVD's. Now for lots of people watching two hours of POV BJ's of the same guy might be boring. For me this works because He looks enough like me that he could be me. At least what little they show of him. I don't think you ever really see his face. Girls use a lot of mouth and not much hand which is a plus for me. No throat gagging to speak of another plus. Girls act like they are into it which also helps. No double teaming two chicks or two guys another plus. Mostly gentle smooth cocksucking that a girl friend or your wife might do for you. Also the BJ's last a decent amount of time I have seen some dvds where the BJ is 30 minutes too long these are 7 to 14 minutes each. Basically when I watch this dvd and the entire set of eight dvds it is almost like watching myself getting head from the ladies. If you are renting a P.O.V. movie on BJ's that is kind of what you want isn't it. Look at the photos and you can see what you are getting. The Chicks look pretty good and the male lead is a bit heavy with a standard sized piece of equipment. If that works for you then you will like this dvd. One last thing the guy has a solid boner which is good in Lots of dvd's the chick can't get the guy hard boring.

 from Let Me Suck You #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Suck you not handle you!

1 plus good looking girls. 2 plus sound was good. 3 plus picture was good. 4 plus the girls act awake and act like sucking cock is fun. 5 big negative far too much hand work. When I want hand job videos I rent hand Job videos "Handies" comes to mind. If I want blow job videos I rent blow job videos. this had a chance to be a really good video if the girls kept their hands off. I would say more then half the videos time the girls were using far too much hand action and not enough mouth action. If it is a blow job I prefer 10 to 15% of the time or less with hands on action. Basically as much tongue lip mouth as possible. Based on that the movie failed to bad because the girls are very hot.