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All Reviews by I Like Twins
 from All Ditz And Jumbo Tits
Studio: Juicy

Shouldnt Dissapoint

If you rent a title like this, you should really kinda know what to expect and it doesnt disappoint as far as that goes, the only thing is I believe that variety is the spice of life, and my only issue (and this is my own opinion) you see Kelly Madison in every scene, if you arent a big fan of hers it gets to be a little repetitive. Now that I've got that off my chest the entire movie is pretty good, and Carly Parker's scene I thought was pretty good as was the scene with the stewardess. Good stuff all around

 from Different Strokes #6: Rodney's Birthday Blast
Studio: Rodney Moore

Glad Someone Had Fun

What I liked about this movie is I think most everyone involved in the filming had a good time, and that is a good thing but the low budget or low quality work on this just doesnt do much for me, not to mention the fact that the girls are really not all that attractive with the exception of about 3 of them. The good news is that there are quite a few girls involved in this film and if you are picky there might be one that kinda fits your taste, or more than one. overall I would say that this is a disappointment of a film with not a lot of redeeming qualities.

 from Eye Contact #36
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

I Like It!

Well, this is the first time I have rented a movie from this series, but it has always interested me, I like this one alot, the only problem is that 2 of the girls are average lookin at best. but other than that I liked the action and thought this one is a keeper.

 from Big Breast Amateur Girls #1
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

that certain "something"

sometimes I have to remind myself that for the most part these are amateur movies, the biggest problem with this one in particular is that it started out with such a bang, Gianna is a bonafide porn starlet (I cant imagine too many people would argue that!) and she lights it up in the first scene of this one, and after that it all goes downhill. the other girls are cute and in the grand scheme of things may have larger breasts, but when you start off with Gianna you have no where to go but downhill unless you are using other bonafide starlets. however that is what xplor does well is the amateur movies and if the first scene was taken out of the equation I am sure this movie would have at least earned one more star from me.