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All Reviews by Hwadec
 from A Night At The Bordello (Une Nuit Au Bordel)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Unlikely !

Unlikely story.Law inforcement enters a bordello to arrest people not to sanple the goods.The only girl worth observing is the red robed Ho with the old customer cop.

 from Nicole Sheridan's Fetish Fantasies
Studio: Bizarre Video


A waste because Nicole barely appears and she should be the feature attraction just a side show amature dominant.The other players are all but unknown and the performances they give are hardly believable.

 from Journey Into Pain
Studio: Bizarre Video


the characters in this movie were over age and not at all apealing. This looks like it was made in someones redecorated (partially) garage. The performers were amature and not convincing. Despite the age of the performers I would guess the age of the writer? and director to be about 14. I should be paid to watch this.

 from Ultra Flesh
Studio: VCX

Of No Value

weak story, bad actors. don't believe the release date thise one was made way before then. Seka is the only redeaming factor and we only see her from a distance.

 from Seven Seductions Of Madame Lau, The
Studio: VCX

Don't Bother

Dark,difficult to follow,aging stars.bad camera work and lighting. find another to view.

 from PornoMation #2
Studio: Pornotopia


Great art,great porn,good story. far better than any aname or manga. I bought it for my library.

 from Supersize Tits #5
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video


this movie has no story whatsoever and is purely mechanical in exicution.Yhe stars? seem to be unknows off the street with no talent .I did'nt want to go back and review any of the clips.The movie is totally without merit.

 from Big Tit Bondage #1
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video


Only 3 segments,all made on the same set. No imagination used Did these people come from the used people supplier? Renting this was a mistake.

 from MILF To The Max #1
Studio: Adam & Eve

Nothing But ----Ing.

lots of nothing but fucking. good photography,good looking people. but no story whstsoever to tie it together. I should'nt hsve bothered.

 from Agony Of Arianna, The
Studio: LBO

What A Waste

What a waste of time watching this one! This is not as the title implies an agony for Ariana.Perhaps a little bit of a tickle nothing more and not even that for her costars.