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All Reviews by Husb&Wife
 from Erotica XXX #3
Studio: Digital Sin

Only Liked Hannah

The girl on the cover was the only one we enjoyed. She was super. As for the slapping, butt ok but face ? What is that about. The girls should have slapped them back ! Or hit them where it hurts!

 from Super Naturals #1
Studio: Digital Sin

Good no Very Good

Gals are beautiful and guys good si.. Blond doing the DP was super and obviously enjoyed it. Good titty bouncing action also.

 from Screw My Wife Please: The Collector's Edition #3
Studio: Wildlife

Good For Couples

We enjoyed this very much. Took several nites to watch. Although guys not large [way my wife likes to see em] it was good. Most ladies,sifes very good looking. The pretty blond overdid moaning though. That guy not big enough to make anyone moan!

 from Camp Cuddly Pines: Powertool Massacre (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

She Liked It

We both enjoyed the movie. I read all the other reviews and can see how some loved it and some not. For a couples movie, we thought it was good. We don't particularly like seeing and hearing girls getting it for 20+ mins with same guys in diff positions. We rent to get us in the super mood. So if movie is to wife's liking, I get what (Alan Harper, Men with Charlie Sheen) calls "Xtra Bonus Sex". So she must have liked it cuz I got XSBS afterwards.

 from Pirates (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Playground

Well, expected better

Wife said to only give it 2 stars. Not much excitement. No hot stuff. 3 girl/ girl scenes. 1st g/g ok cuz gave illusion was forced into it. Other 2 boring. Nice costumes of course but no excitement. Oh I already said that.

 from Bustful Of Dollars (Disc 1)
Studio: Red Light District

Enjoyed it

Gals have very very nice rear ends. Nicest seen. Wife didn't think guys were that good though.

 from Little French Maid
Studio: VCX

LIked It

Considering this was a movie from the 80's it was good. Acts were short unlike todays prolonged unbeliveable repeated scenes. What she did back then must have been a turn on back then. Rent it if u like old movies.

 from Jenna Haze: Dark Side (Disc 1)
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Hot HOt Hot

Wow, alot better than we expected since same girl would be in each scene. Those usually turn out boring. Rented due to the other reviews. We prefer couples movies. First scene hot, next scene hot hot, 3nd hot hot hot and so on. She even appeared to cum twice during one of the scenes. We both throughly enjoyed this movie. Wife usually does like Jenna, says she talks too much.

 from Playgirl: Bodies In Heat
Studio: Playgirl


I rented because of reviews but would adise all to pass on it. With some many others to choose from, this would be a waste of money.

 from Pretty Little Latinas #28
Studio: Third World Media

Pass on this or pass me the remote

Past on this one ! Or pass over the remote so u can skip skip skip til til it is over. No idea why others gave more than 1 star. If possible zero stars. Pretty ? In the "eyes of the beholder" I guess.

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