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All Reviews by Husb&Wife
 from Flesh Hunter #1
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Wow ! Hot Movie

Our first 5 star rating. Every scene was hot. Took a many days to finish this movie. Had to make action of our own after each scene. Wife rates the movies, if she likes it u know it is hot. Consider keeping it to view again but our next movie arrived. That one was a Dud with a capital D. Fast forward almost all of it. Wished I preview the new one and sent it bk and kept Flesh Hunter # 1.

 from Flesh Hunter #4
Studio: Jules Jordan Video


good for couples, rent this ! Nice gals. Esp liked the last scene..One girl and 3 guys.

 from Who's Your Daddy? #3
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Only One Good Scene

Cover girl Brianna Blaze and her "Partner" were only scene worth watching. Watched them twice to make up for the rest of the movie. Actually it was so good, watched it twice.

 from A Cum Sucking Whore Named Aurora Snow
Studio: Anabolic

I'll Pass, Good for Others

Rented due to nice looking cover and reviews. Just not our type of movie. Too much cramming into her orifices. It looks like she is doing the higher paying money scenes. Yes, her anus and rectum probably was sore afterwards.

 from Feeding Frenzy #3
Studio: Jules Jordan Video


selected this in error. get this only if you like seeing multiple guys squirt cum into girls faces and mouths. Skipped thu it after got wise. For us a wasted rental.

 from Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge
Studio: Vivid

We didn't like it

Well, we rented this due to some of the other reviews. We didn't like it at all. Nothing appealed to us. Fell asleep both nights trying to watch it. One thing we want to tell u. Dallas is a name of one of characters in the movie. Debbie wants him, I guess is part of the story.

 from Invasian! #1 (Disc 1)
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Not For Us !

Rented this after seeing the rating and reviews. To each this own is all we can say. Not our cup of tea. Didn't enjoy at all. Stiff/ hard with pump and drugs? Yuck. Girls look like "Pros" and just there to have holes poked for $. SAVE YOUR PICK FOR ANOTHER !

 from Angel X (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

Skip It!

thought this would be great based on reviews. just goes to show diff strokes for diff folks! wife and I fell asleep 1 st try watching and never made it thu on second try. With so many choices we advise chossing another one.

 from Pleasures Of The Flesh #2
Studio: New Sensations

Great couples movie

We going to give it a five because it was very hot, tasteful and very nice looking performers. Nice clean tasteful movie for couples.

 from Erotica XXX #3
Studio: Digital Sin

Only Liked Hannah

The girl on the cover was the only one we enjoyed. She was super. As for the slapping, butt ok but face ? What is that about. The girls should have slapped them back ! Or hit them where it hurts!

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