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All Reviews by Hooterguy
 from Asian Express #1
Studio: Dreamland

Your Asian Wife Or Friends Will Not Like This

Asian Express 1, has a nice idea with its story. It tries to show how desperate men are here to have a Asian or mail order wife. The plot talks just touches on the passport rules, and questions the character of how some Asians are so aggressive, were they sluts before they came here. The movie is short and so are the sex scenes. The girls are skinny and have no tatoos perfect skin. They guyes are ok, the if the movie wanted to be more accurate the guyes would be skinny and week. But who would watch it?

 from All Asian
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Where Are The Asians?

There were 3 Asians in the whole movie. The rest were a bunch of skinny flat chested just out of high school valley girls. No fitness quality stars. No good scenery, and extremely short. This is the kind of movie you fast forward until you see something you like, until wops you are at the end of a short movie. If you like Asians or good movies I would recommend Island fever 1-4. Tara Patrick is one of the hottest Asians to see. The problem with most of her movies is she likes the tattoo prison guy's. Still stay away from this movie.

 from Hook-Ups #7
Studio: Wicked

Could Be A Lot Better

Kobi Tai is amazing but is it just me or does she always take her cloths off so fast. I always wished she would slow it down in all her movies. Her body is amazing to enjoy. In this movie there is only one scene with her. The location was the same on a hill on LA. All the guys were huge muscle steroid hulks and the Asians were hot skinny but small boobs. I know what can you expect. I would liked more locations. I think there were only 6 sex scenes total. I would like a longer movie that could have taken a little more than a hour to get through. The movie seamed to be rushed. Don't expect many extras on this film there are very few.

 from On Location With The Girls Of Boobsville
Studio: Big Top

Fit Huge Boobed Babes On Beach

Good movie. Normally I always look for island, water or some cool settings for movies. I not appreciate the bedroom or bad location movies that are indoors, fat or out of shape characters, bad story, very low budget. I love seeing girls on the beach striping away there cloths. This movie has what seems like a low budget but had some amazing beaches. The girls in this movie have huge boobs. I was not used to this but still found it sexy. For huge boobed women they have abs and take care of the rest of there body's. The big group of women were running around and there was no story. It could have been much better if there was. It seemed like the director tried to get as much filming in as he could. The actress seemed British, I'm from California so I thought accents are cool. The film quality was very poor. I wish it was better. It was like trying to see a small movie blown up at parts. The boobsville series might be worth looking into. I just love big boobs.

 from Meridians Of Passion
Studio: Old Pueblo

Aria Is Hot

Aria is hot but still little known in most circles. This was one of her better movies I have seen so far I wish she did more. Aria is a busty Spanish possibly Asian mix. She is known for her pictures and games she has done on the internet. She has also done a few strip poker online games. In the movie she is the narrator. She introduces a scene followed by some teasing and light foreplay. Unfortunately the scenes are a bit common and staged. She does a really hot pool side scene in and out of a red bikini, but it could have been better if she swam and if the air was warmer so she would not look so uncomfortable. I also love the outtakes and the behind the scenes footage. I like to see if the actress is more sexy when she is more comfortable when it is not staged in a movie. Often you see more boobs giggling around or better shots that are more natural and sexy in them selves. Examples them talking or goofing off, flirting with cast. I gave the movie 4 stars mostly because Aria is so hot. I thought the behind the scenes footage was ok look for her in the pool scene. The movie with all of its use of red, (old camera trick to attract the viewer to the center of the picture) was done well. I liked there was no excessive use of costumes, it was simple and sexy like a girl next door feel.

 from Perverts Of The Caribbean
Studio: Third World Media

The Girls Don't Look Over 18

Was this film done in the Caribbean? I doubt it maybe somewhere in Florida or south America. First there are no great island backdrops that I was looking for. All of the characters are on a boat in the water and that is where they stay. If you like flat chests this maybe your movie. I do not. The girls also look inexperienced. They look away from the camera like they are embarrassed. The guys also look young as well. The girls also need to shave there pussies badly. Pass on this movie. I wish I did.

 from Rack 'Em Up #1
Studio: Tightfit

Fat Tummys And Lots Of Tatoos

Don't waste your time. The movie has only 4 scenes. All of the girls have rolls on there tummy's. Yes they are busty, and the guys are in great shape but not the kind of sexy bikini model you would want to appreciate. I don't like tattoos on women it makes them look ghetto and trashy. I appreciate great smooth skin, toned and model like qualities. The movie also is low budget , no great backgrounds, one scene is in a room where you can barely see the characters. Save your money.

 from Taoist Sexuality
Studio: Adam & Eve

Nature ChannelHistory Channel

I would say this movie was like seeing the history channel with the nature channel. No beastly sex but many outdoor scenes which looks nice but not for the actors. The movie is narrated with the voice of an announcer from a golf game. The actors are not very fit, the guys are very harry and the women are average skinny but not fit. Sort of like someone who just decided to join a gym tho was average already. I would pass on this the idea was good but not sexy or passion filled and the movie was very short.