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All Reviews by Hey Now
 from 1 Night In Paris
Studio: Red Light District

That's Hot

Look, the movie isn't really all that mind blowing but you're not renting it for the plot. You're renting this to see Paris, to see her naked and to see what the fuss is all about. It's worth it - she's hot, has a tight little bod and she's got a multi million dollar inheritance. Conrad must be turning over in his grave.

 from Don't Tell My Daddy
Studio: 3rd Degree

I can't quite figure it out. Other than the first girl, none of the actresses are that hot but somehow the movie still works. Worth a look.

 from Krystal Method
Studio: Club Jenna

What The F?

I'm only giving it 3 stars because Jenna is so hot but this is movie is a mess otherwise. It was trying to be far too artsy with far too many jump cuts and a non linear storyline. There's a double team in the final scene (of which there are maybe only 4 or 5 total in the whole movie)and both guys are wearing matching, psuedo storm trooper outfits complete with gasmasks. Just a bizarre flick.