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All Reviews by Hawaii Baller
 from American Bukkake #25
Studio: JM Productions


OK, this is raunch at it's best...the very definition of filth. This is what your mom didn't want you to watch growing up. It shows women in very provocative ways...vulnerable, and like garbage. Excellent. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am a VOD fool, and I start nutting the second I see those slutty little whores teasing that crowd of horny losers. It's disgusting, but there's something primieval and primitive about it -inspires the animal in me. I forget about that being a human, and act on my own desire. For those who criticize it, go read a Playboy.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #29: Bianca Pureheart
Studio: Kick Ass


i'm a big fan of bianca pureheart. ever since i saw the american bukkake video series with her as one of the stars getting jizzed all over by complete strangers (presumably without medical screenings) i have had a raging hard-on for her. she has the wholesome, innocent girl-next-door look that drives me wild...but she's far from innocent, she's a hardcore fuck machine. she allows herself to get defiled in so many ways by so many people for money, and i'd also like to think for her fanbase's viewing pleasure...awesome. you'll definitely be able to crank off a few wads of "baby batter" (life-giving syrum, lol) while watching this one.

 from It's A Daddy Thing #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Nut Drainer

charlotte stokely! holy shit. wow...wheew. she played an excellent role. i was so turned on watching her; she's actually a really good actress in porno terminology/comparison. the funny part about this movie was the disclaimer at the beginning that advised/reiterated to the viewing audience that this movie was purely fictitious (so when you hear "stepdad" -it's really not), haha. lol, i guess this fulfills a lot of stepdads' fantasies throughout the nation, or the world for that matter. anyway, well worth watching.

 from 110% Natural #11
Studio: Red Light District

Tits Boobs Knockers Mellons Udders

WHITNEY STEVENS!!! Enough said. Haha. I love Whitney. There's some subliminal aspect to her slutty beauty that solicits the cum from my balls after just a few seconds. Her tits are absolutely gorgeous. Scientists need to study her and try to make more women comparable so more men will be happy walking this earth. Well, at least that's my 2 cents worth. Watch this movie...great series...great director...great cast. You won't be disappointed.