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All Reviews by Hardtoplease
 from Decadence
Studio: Studio A

Different kind of movie but beautiful women

This was the first Andrew Blake / Studio A movie I've watched. It's different, very artistic, no real plot, just images in beautiful settings with gorgeous women, more like a series of erotic photographs which move. It's mostly women with one very hot male-female scene. One thing that some viewers might find very annoying is that the movie cuts back and forth from one scene to the next, as if you had a movie with six scenes but instead of showing them one after the other, you cut in and out of all of them. But I found the beautiful women worth the annoyance. One bonus is that the first actress, who appears in several scenes, looks a lot like Tricia Helfer (Number 6, Battlestar Gallactica) if you use your imagination and she is hot! Sound track is terrible and it is strange that with all these beautiful women and prolonged scenes, you can't really tell whether they've come or not.

 from Dream Quest
Studio: Wicked

Great movie, great sex, great girls as long as you don’t mind the fairy-tale setting and weird costumes. (The sex is not weird.) The film is grainy altho it almost seems to fit the fairy-tale atmosphere, and don’t skip the bonus scene which is one of the best in the movie.

 from Voyeur #8
Studio: Evil Angel


I think this DVD is under-rated. The women look European, the film is dated and the camera movement (to give a voyeur effect) is annoying. So it's not for everyone's taste. However the women are not bad, settings are nice and scenes interesting, several three-somes. Best part is you can see Anita Blond and Anita Dark at an early point in their film careers and their two scenes are quite good, worth the rental. Low key, decent-looking guys, probably good for couples.

 from Beautiful Girls #12
Studio: Evil Angel

Moan And Groan

I bought the original Beautiful Girls (#1 by Christoph Clark) and liked it a lot. Since then I’ve bought or rented 3 others in this series (by Evil Angel studio) and have been slightly or very disappointed with all of them. The original #1 had nice build up, sexy scenes, focus on the whole scene, natural sounds (or none at all), etc. A good couples flick, I think. But the sequels are mostly pounding in and out with constant moaning and groaning, focus on genitals and anal holes. Whatever sense of sexy beauty and arousal Christoph Clark applied to his first Beautiful Girls he seems to have lost since. #1 is unfortunately listed as no longer available for rental but I would still recommend it. If you’re into simple pounding in and out and moaning and groaning, you might like some of the others in the series.

 from Chica Boom #11
Studio: Kick Ass

Great Girls

I agree, guys are not great but at least three of the five girls are fabulous, especially Desert Rose who I’ve not seen before. Good camera work focusing on the whole girl, fair story lines, nice settings, no spitting, nothing weird, probably a good couples flick. Main thing is the choice of the girls is very good, for that I give it 4 stars.

 from Ashton's Auditions
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Not really that hot

I rented this because of the enthusiastic reviews but was disappointed. Women are OK but not gorgeous. Too many toys, too many close-ups and sex is pretty mechanical. It seemed like it ought to have been hot but unfortunately, it wasn’t.

 from Chica Boom #28
Studio: Kick Ass

Girls were OK but none really turned me on. Natural tits, decent guys, probably a good couples movie. Overall not bad but not great either, probably rates about 3 ˝ stars…

 from Hand To Mouth #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Not impressed

This studio must not have been able to find any guys who wanted hand jobs/blow jobs. It's the same guy in each scene with about 12 different girls. You don't see much of him, just the essential part. What you see of the girls is mostly their hands and mouths all over it. So it's pretty limited viewing of the girls. But if you'd like to imagine these girls ON YOU, you might like it. I didn't.

 from Marvelous
Studio: Digital Playground

Worse than average

Very unsexy, unless you like 70's style make-up and hair-dos. Girls look like they stepped out of a 1970-era Playboy and are trying really hard to look/act sexy--without succeeding. Music is awful also: really slow moody jazz and a bit of classical. Had to turn the sound off. Scenarios could have been sexy but the girls' faces just spoiled it completely for me. I can't believe this was directed by a woman...

 from Pretty Little Latinas #32
Studio: Third World Media

First scene probably the best. Nothing really bad about this DVD but the girls seemed to be amateurs, looking past the camera for instructions from the director without really seeming to be into the sex. A couple of nice after-sex shower scenes. The extras were masturbation scenes, unfortunately very boring because again the girls didn't seem really into it....

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