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All Reviews by Hardreader
 from Gag Factor #10
Studio: JM Productions

Can't Stay Hard

Most of the male performers can ejaculate, but we get more spit than cum, and a couple of them can't keep it up. The girls are willing, if not enthusiastic so the implicit sadism is not fronted. If you are willing to see the rest for a couple of fair performances you might want to order it.

 from Liquid Gold #4
Studio: JM Productions


Nobody is having a good time here, including the director and about half of the girls either can't or won't piss. Of those who will, only one pretends she thinks its sexy. Yawn.

 from Rocco's True Anal Stories #7
Studio: Rocco Siffredi

Good, But Not Much Anal

Wonderful photography, pretty convincing women, but not all that much anal action--if that is what you are really looking for. I liked it, and even my wife liked it, nevertheless--mostly because the actors appeared to enjoy what they were doing.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #2
Studio: Kick Ass

Ashley Only Virtue

Ashley Blue, as usual gives a credible performance and manages to convince us that she can have a good time with two cocks in her ass at once. The other girls are not even a close third. I wasn't clear from the beginning that the feature was internal cum shots, and that is, for me, boring.

 from Scarlet Woman
Studio: Wicked

20 Minutes Of Ok

Don't you just hate cute plots? Don't you just hate tacky costumes? Some stars here, but very little to watch.

 from Farrah's Deceptive Desires
Studio: Erotic Angel

Laurel C Only Redeeming Quality

Unfortunately a primo Laurel Canyon is matched up with an over the hill Ron Jeremy. Not really far out there, but she is nice to look at for the little while she is in the film.

 from Gutter Mouths #30
Studio: JM Productions

Ashley Got Tits

Why didn't somebody tell me about the boob job? What an imporovement And why doesn't somebody photograph the (new?) tats to we can see them. Ashley is worth the price of admission. The other two girls are just punching bags.

 from Attention Whores #2
Studio: JM Productions

Has Its Moments

The first girl, once she gets over the posing required by the theme, is stunningly beautiful. Everyone in the flick, of course is capable of impossible feats of deep throat. If you are into Ashley, put this one on your list.

 from 4 Finger Club #16
Studio: New Sensations

Ride 'Em Cowgirl

There is a saddle like vibrator featured in this film that apparently works very well, but doesn't photograph very well. Woman after woman straddles is rocks back and forth and moans, and until the end of the flick we do not even see that it has a stubby dick on it in addition to the clit bumps. Waste of time.

 from 10 Years Of Big Busts #1
Studio: Big Top

Dated But Interesting

They should say what ten years. I found this looking for one star (Canddy Samples), and so it was worthwhile for me, but unless you are curious about how porn was made there is not a lot seriously erotic by contemporary standards

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