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All Reviews by Gunslinger
 from Girlfriends
Studio: Studio A

Joli Is A Goddess...

Bless her darling little soul for giving us her presence in so many ways. And bless Blake's elegantly dirty and brilliant mind for capturing beauties like he does. I have yet to see anything celebrate both a woman's sexuality and class the way he and his stars do. Bravo!

 from Three-Way Thriller
Studio: Wicked

I Heart The 80S

There's plenty of vintage 70s-80s scenes in this. The best scene by far is the Brit-themed one, where the Spice Girl wannabe sucks off two stony-faced soldiers as they struggle to maintain their posts.

 from Kill Girl Kill #1
Studio: VCA

Bit Of A Disappointment...

Perhaps it was a little too talked-up, but it didn't hit the mark, especially not the way the third KGK does. I'm all for hot punk rock chicks getting fucked real hard, mascara running, dirty BJs, etc. as well as not-so-bland gentlemen, but we were so excited to see it and turned it off thinking WTF?!?!?!

 from Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait
Studio: Ninn Worx


While she's very pretty, nice eyes, etc. it was kind of repetitive and dull, actually. Something one can definitely live without.

 from Kill Girl Kill #3
Studio: VCA

The Only Kill Girl Kill Worth Renting...

That James Deen is a total asshat, but he doesn't completely suck in the third of the series. We watched Art School Sluts, Neu Wave Hookers then KGK 1-3, in order, and the little bastard has certainly grown up a bit from the gawky nerd who got slapped with his own cum in Art School Sluts. The girls seem hotter and more into it than the others.

 from Tearing It Up #2
Studio: Cutting Edge

Oh, Venus...

We love Venus. She rocks. But Piano Porn? Okay. Maybe if the guy who felt the need to play it with his penis wasn't such an attention-whore, who also feels the need to ear-and-hair-sex every girl in every scene. Good God. Maybe if the other girls weren't so bloody unfortunate. Cry.

 from Kill Girl Kill #2
Studio: VCA

No, No, No

Get the third one instead. This one was just content, enthusiasm, something. It was boring due to whatever critical aspect was lacking.

 from Neu Wave Hookers
Studio: VCA

Fantastic Porn!

This is stellar. Just get it already. Fans of rough, dirty fucking with a sense of humour will be terribly pleased. True Justine fans will also be terribly pleased, as she is quite different here than in Blake's masterpieces, etc.

 from Thighs Wide Open
Studio: Seymore Butts

Instructional And Informative

No shortage of very impressive female ejaculation. One unfortunate girl with duck lips. Alot of anal sex. In one scene, there is some very direct coaching by the guy, camera guy and another hot, helpful girl. One big, happy masturbation bed in one scene. Best scene (female ejaculate aside) is the last, which features blowjobs, anal sex, double penetration, etc. Happy.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #27: Redheads
Studio: Kick Ass

...One Good Scene

But she's so worth it! Her name is Julie, and the scene is with three of four guys who fuck her every which way and give her anal for the first time. She's just so chipper and adorable and enthusiastic you want to get up and clap your hands after she's done. Oh! She makes jokes, too, after which not a man present doesn't drop the tough guy act to laugh in earnest whilst she giggles away. It's fantastic. I believe the premise is that she's a state agent getting her ex back. She is why this gets 3 stars instead of 1.

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