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All Reviews by Girth
 from Shock
Studio: VCA

Micheal Ninn Does It Again !

Micheal Ninn does porn like no other. He borders on soft porn but you have to love his work. The performers are first class,or is it that he brings out the best in them. Their always beautiful people with great energy and thats what make you want to watch it again and concider buying it. I might not no the difference between good porn and great porn but I do know BAD porn and his work is never bad. You can always watch his work with a date and not freek her out. Enjoy, Respectfully Girth.

 from There's Something About Jack #12
Studio: West Coast

I Thought I Was Well Hung!!

daaaaaaaamn, i now look down and wish i was black!!!! those girls deserve a raise. girth, "reveiwer formaly known as tantric"

 from Conquest
Studio: Wicked

Waste Of Time And Money And Lube!

This just wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I had just seen Jenna Jameson and wanted to see some More of her and this was a let down. I reveiwer said to stick to her new stuff and I agree.

 from Tushy Anyone?
Studio: Seymore Butts

Excellent Anal

seymore butts never lets me down. allisha klaus, his girlfriend is hot. i could be having a shitty day and she slaps a shit eating grin on my face. "seymore i want to hold the camera and watch you fuck her sweet ass.

 from We All Scream For Ass Cream #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Worth Renting

The First scene with Lanna Barbi was hot. She's a babe and has what it takes. To take it up the ass. The other girls were not as good looking but could take it to the next level. I almost bought this one. I like the change from the money shot. Seeing how much cum these guys shot up their asses was a nice change.I would rent it again but I'm only giving it four stars.

 from Euroglam: An American in Europe
Studio: Ninn Worx

Not Bad, Give Me More Ninn!

Micheal Ninn Great. His work isn't your everyday Porn. The more porn I watch I learn to appreciate the better prodution values. I still like hard core porn, It's just nice to see some real beauty, excellent blow jobs, and the energy from good looking Europeans.

 from Lost Angels: Nikita Denise
Studio: Ninn Worx

The Best Soft Porn Yet.

Micheal Ninn The man with the soft Porn I almost made my wife watch it. Even she may of Liked it. The wife hates Porn and especaily anal sex but the way Ninn does it I think she would of played with herself through this one but why ruin a good flick. I've got two more Micheal Ninns' on the way. Rent it I hope I find a Ninn Flick thats a little harded. The woman he uses made me hard.