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All Reviews by Girllover
 from Jenna's Built For Speed
Studio: Wicked

All Modeling And No Action

Hot girls, good production value, just no action (fake action - should be rated X but not triple XXX). All modeling.

 from Screaming Orgasms #1
Studio: New Sensations

One Screaming....

The production value is O.K. and itís an O.K. warm up, but most of the scenes just drag on and are not that great. Itís basically like watching someone having a (self given) massage. A lot of the girls donít even get that vocal unlike the (typically) misleading title. Only Haley Daniels (sp?) does get especially loud. They really needed to help each other out but since they are alone that does not happen. This type of video perhaps needs to be shot without the girls thinking about the camera crew etc. But I guess the director must have felt the need to get better views or something because the scenes just did not seem to flow to a natural conclusion properly. When I see a video that is just a warm up like this I have to watch one of mine to bring things to a conclusion. Iíll tell ya about two that are better and have a good short set up: Older Women and Younger Women 3, and/or A Girls Affair 26. One (unfortunately) without a set-up that is also quite good is No Bone Zone 2. All in all this video would not be worth renting to me if not for Haley Daniels. She seemed to really enjoy it and did get loud (even the ad for this flick uses her and so does the trailer since she is the only one to get loud). She also seemed to finish the other part of the title. The other reviewer must have missed that or thought that for this one scene they faked it with some lube or something. If they were going to do that they should have done that for all of the scenes. Haley Daniels does fine work, but the rest are mediocre at best.

 from Decadent Divas #9
Studio: Feline Films

Super Hot Chicks, But...

Short flick with some super hot chicks. The production value was the tops except for some shadows and hair in the way issues. They get a couple of points for the semi attempt at a story. Only a couple of points because the story is about a porn company looking to make a porn flick and the search is on to find the right girls to put on a good show with. Not much of a stretch there (and not much of a search either). We're not usually big asian fans, but scene two with Gina Ryder and some Asian was the best. The Asian was quite nice and the lap dance via the face is tough to beat. Also Brianna and Amber are just smokin. Amber is one of our favorites. But of course the drawback limiting factor is that as usual there is basically no seductive element. They don't need to make the story or the seduction too real, just something about hey our boyfriends are gone, let's play, I don't know, here I'll convince you and it's just playing it's not serious.

 from Filthy Talkin' Cuntlickers #1
Studio: Midnight

Fine Performance

The (no) plot is some guy with a video camera making a porno gets these girls and they say who they are and they say the proverbial words that describe the title of the movie (so scripted) then they start to get busy and jump straight to the best part without warming up. The lighting and the white-balance feature are not good a lot of the time. Most of the girls are ordinary looking but make up for it by giving a more serious effort. The best scene is with Jennifer Leigh (sp?) and Donita. JL does about as good a job as Iíve scene and only the lighting, camera angles, hair in the way, sound quality etc bring her scene down, but only a little. The proof is on her face where it belongs. If they spit down there you donít see that for the most part so it doesnít ruin your chance to at least think the results are real. Unfortunately we can hear the male director/bad cameraman etc. They need to explain why girls who donít appear like they should be messing with girls are messing with girls. Is it because of a power thing at work with female bosses or co-workers, or female police, or a sorority, or because the boyfriends are away and playing together is safe because they canít get pregnant, but ultimately they prefer guys but sometimes itís fun to play with girls for the challenge because picking up guys is so easy. Just donít make it seem like girls are better off with girls. The O.C. and The L Word are examples of what appears to be an attempt to make girls think they are better off with other girls which is not a good thing for the human race.

 from Filthy Talkin' Cuntlickers #2
Studio: Midnight

Can You Say Lame?

Maverick must be the director; he could not be more inaccurate. Part one has one excellent scene with Jennifer Leigh, but not lame version 2. I almost hated to send back version one because of that one scene where they describe she looks like she just finished a glazed donut. Version 2 is still a (no) plot with some guy with a video camera trying to make himself sound cool. Itís not like girls never say these words in other movies. The girls donít look that great or believable. Shadows block the view and the sound at times is quite poor. Well I probably wonít check out more from this guy because Iím not interested in him or other guys and he seems only interested in flaunting his name and interrupting things. Get an imagination and have the girls do their thing in a seductive way (he does not know about seduction he only knows about putting naked people in front of a camera and then expects that to be enough) and learn how to light the scenes better and get better sound equipment then maybe Iíll watch a video from him again. The internet has plenty of seductive ideas for you to learn from and then to make a video about. Like lesbotrick. Thereís no best scene in this one unlike version one. I donít want lame videos like this blocking me from seeing potentially better ones so I returned this one fast. When I see lame ones like this I have to watch one of mine to make up for it. Iíll tell ya about two that are better that may not be perfect but have a good short set up and do pretty much everything better: Older Women and Younger Women 3 or A Girls Affair 26.

 from Seduction of Farrah, The
Studio: Midnight

What Seduction??? Liars!!!

The production value was fair. It was a VHS tape dubbed to DVD. You can do chapter searching. The chicks are O.K. especially Danielle Rogers and Farrah. No seduction. There are different girls in long dancing sequences alone, until finally they start with each other. There is no info or motivation or story or point other than the usual weak evidently the director said to go at it. Why canít they just say and show that this girl picked up that girl because she likes the challenge and because although she likes guys better sometimes she needs a change of pace and to show that she can work her powers over both men and women and this way she wonít get pregnant etc. Kind of like Rachael Welch in the movie Myra Breckenridge. Perhaps the other girl is vulnerable from a break up or whatever or because the other girl is in a position of power. Just donít make them out to be serious dykes because that indicates a problem when they donít like men at all threatening the whole human race. Girls on some videos say they like to do girl, girl scenes because being with a guy is special but being with a girl can be fun. Jenny McCarthy on the show, Party at the Palms says most girls like girl strippers better than guy strippers no doubt for the same reason. They donít take the fun they have with girls seriously like they would with a guy. The Director must have been on acid because in the dancing scenes thereís all this psychedelic imagery and music. Farrah is mostly only in the last scene. If youíve seen everything else or need some background filler at a bachelor or whatever party, than this flick might be for you.

 from Pussy Sweat
Studio: Smash

Mostly Disappointing

The chicks are fine and the production value (lighting, sound, view not blocked etc) is good as well for the most part. The music is good at times but at times itís annoying. There is no point or set-up, just compilation scenes. Any title would have worked; nothing leads you to conclude the title fits. I expected a gym situation or something. We donít know who they are or how they know each other or how they decided to get together. They just get together with no seduction and for the most part the scenes seem very fake with fake moaning etc., (we donít want it to be too real, just have them act like they are bi and they are playing together because the guys are not there and they enjoy females sometimes and then tell us how they got together, i.e. boss/worker, cop/driver, teacher/student, picked-up in gym or bar or clothes store etc.). It seemed like a magazine shoot with a video shot around the staged fake scenes. They do get a little bit better as the flick goes on. Thereís approx four or five scenes with one scene joined with another and the rest are separated and can be found from the main menu. If you have not seen many of these movies this may work for you. But if youíve seen plenty of these flicks and would rather see a movie where they appear to want to be there and there is a point to the situation and there is a seductive element etc, then youíll probably want to pass on this one or at least not rely on this one. If you just need something going on in the background at your bachelor party this might work for you. There are better flicks out there.

 from After Hours
Studio: Wicked

Hot Chicks Weak Story, As Usual

This movie has hot chicks that rate from excellent to outstanding. The lighting sound camera work etc, is top rate for the most part. Itís a winner! Iíll have to keep a look out for stuff from this studio. The one drawback is of course the storyline. They take the easy way out and avoid dealing with the fact that 90 or whatever % of hot chicks are not dykes (or better yet and more acceptably BI Ė itís O.K. for chicks in fantasies, just not red blooded American guys) and they just skip the whole seduction deal of why one girl is into chicks (youíd expect itís because somebody seduced her somehow a little while or however long ago) and how she goes about seducing this next girl. I guess guy girl flicks are like this but itís less of a stretch in that case. Instead they give us the planet of the apes type of routine where in this case only females (appear to be) are on the planet. So therefore when the first character that cleans Hollywood movie stages, fantasizes about the only people available-girls and the girls want each other because apparently there is no one else, the result is what you see. So you get hot chicks with good sound and lighting and for the most part good camera work and for the most part good work by the girls, but little imagination put into how they get together in the first place. They donít have to go into a long dissertation just do a little set up that answers the realistic questions of why is the one girl bi and how does she seduce the other girl (especially when they donít show any alcohol use to lower the other girls inhibitions).

 from Ashton's Auditions
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Hot But Very Simple

Its hot for the most part. Girls are wet most of the time, but a lot of the time that because of spit. Just do it and then show the results, but donít actually show them spitting or lubing up. Then we can imagine they are really enjoying themselves instead of thinking, well if they were really hot for each other they would not have to spit down there because it would be wet enough already. The story, as usual, is not so hot. Unless your in SoCal next to a porn star who uses her house for auditions this is not realistic and is just another weak story like, lets just have sex for the heck of it, ok sure. Thatís just silly and silly is not hot. Do something like although the girl prefers guys she likes to seduces girls to show she can for the challenge (guys are so easy) and because she likes the change of pace sometimes and because her guy is away on a business trip or something and she needs to keep from being bored or something. Ideas can come from the internet, cinemax, or showtimes the L word and then just make the ideas fit the plan that the girls prefer guys but in this case for some reason that they explain in the movie the girl goes for another girl this time. The problem with shows like the L word are they are trying to be too realistic about lesbos. What good are lesbos to the guy watching the video since he canít imagine he can ever get with them because they donít go for guys. The camera work, lighting, sound all are pretty good.

 from No Man's Land #37
Studio: Video Team

Almost There

Most of the chicks and action are hot with good production value. Itís a winner (4 Stars; the set-up would have to be better to get the fifth star)! We like the genre and this series because they usually make a half way decent attempt at a set up, so itís not just mindless. The flick starts with Allison Chaynes and Felix (why does she use a guys name Ė to confuse us?). There in a backroom and later we find out the house is the location of a regular party. How did Allysin seduce Felix into going with her and doing what they do? They donít tell us (weak). Another thing is, while Allysin is making Felix feel good she asks Felix are you sure you never done this before? At this point Felix is not really doing anything. That would have sounded better if it came as they were about to start or when Felix got her turn. At least when it was Felixís turn Allysin asks Felix are you sure youíre ready for this? Once they finish Allysin lets Felix know about a sex club and invites her. Felix brings her boyfriend and he can only watch. The set-ups at the club could also be much improved and in some cases just being at the mystery club was supposed to be enough. Itís better than compilation flicks or other flicks with no set-ups. The set-ups donít have to be long just let us know whoís who, do they know each other already and why they want to get together. Because we know hot chicks like guys most of the time. Wy is this time different? Tell us the reason. This is a better than average flick. A bit better and Iíd want to buy it.

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