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All Reviews by G Couple
 from Satyr
Studio: Wicked

Old And Dated

Look for something more modern, this one is almost a vintage. Or make sure your fast forward works. Happy hunting.

 from Justine
Studio: Studio A

Bonus Material Is Great

The movie is all women on women and they are cute. The real find is the bonus material on the back. It is like a “how to” for bondage. Quite amazing material, yet not abusive or mean like some bondage.

 from Masseuse, The (Disc 1)
Studio: Club Jenna

Fun For The Whole Family

This is sexy and fun. A little mild S&M / bondage. Maybe a little too much plot, but great one to get someone new to porn into porn. Jenna is great.

 from Soloerotica
Studio: Ninn Worx

Great For First Time-Hers

The whole series is great if you like girl masterbation aimed at pleasing girls. Our fav was # 2, but this was fun too. This works as a intro for women getting into porn.

 from Pleasures Of The Flesh #6
Studio: New Sensations

Amazing 3 Way

The movie has an incredible three way scene with the two girls on the cover. It is so real and convincing - not your average girl on girl where they pretend to moan and groan. These chix are into each other and show it. HOT. The rest is average, but the movie is worth buying for that scene.

 from Hypnotic Games
Studio: Blu

Fun For Couples

who are new to the video scene. There is a little of everything in this one, and they are respectful to women. This one lack the same as most… transitions. They jump from one position to another without showing the transition. Plus, this movie has a lot of weird camera which we found little distractive. We gave it three stars, but the misses had five OGs while viewing.

 from Double Penetration #2
Studio: Ninn Worx


We found the actors incredibly beautiful. But this is an unusual mix. The intros, outfits, music and settings lead you to believe this is couples friendly. But the sex and angles are for men only. And there is no build-up. First you see the women or couples dancing and playing in their outfits like in couples porn. The every next frame he’s in her, often straight to anal or dp, with long shots of genital angles, voiceovers and facial sprays.

 from Lascivious Latinas
Studio: Anabolic


This Movie is great. Kat is the star in this one. She is so young and nasty. The second one in this series is the best. Jasmine Byrne takes the cake in that movie. That is a must see.

 from She Got Ass #6
Studio: West Coast

Love You Jasmine

Jasmine makes this movie as with so many other. There is a little abuse, but it seems that is what she is into.

 from Fit To Be Tied
Studio: Adam & Eve

Very Nice

A great mixture for the whole family. The fife loved parts and so did I. Couple of anal scenes, not too rough in all, very sexy. Carmen is lovely too.

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