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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from World's Biggest Gangbang #1
Studio: Metro

Well, Sort Of

it's arguable if this is the world's biggest (or was at the time) that record being 121 by a dutch swinger. while all 121 stuck their dicks into the dutch girl and came (and hung the filled condoms on a row of hooks to prove it) this file reaches its "record" total by counting all of the guys who get a few minutes of hand job, blow job, screw, or whatever from annabell. the guys attack her in timed shifts (whether they come or not, screw her or not) rather than one at a time, each finishing his duty, as happened with the dutch woman.

 from Gangbang Girl #21
Studio: Anabolic

Pretty Much Standard

follows the pattern of the entire series. lots of guys fuck the girl (pussy, anal, dp) and the girl ends up eating the cum. no condoms but no creampies. first scene is nici sterling. at the end, she tries to drink the wine glass of cum but misses and dumps it all. the director calls her back for a second (5 minute) scene to prove that she isn't afraid of drinking cum. second scene is two girls who "tie" in a bikini contest and fuck the judges for the win. if you turn the disk over, there are previews for 20 other anabolic movies (all featuring anal prominently).

 from Naked College Coeds #2
Studio: DreamGirls

Good Contests

About two hours. Four wet-T-shirt contests from Rum Runners, where full nudity is common (but not always). Interspersed with flashing from Mardis Gras and Fantasy Fest (including pussy), rub-a-dub lesbians in the tub, and a model flashing naked in public and not public places. If you like wet-t-shirt contests, these are better than most.

 from Naked College Coeds #3
Studio: DreamGirls

Typical Of The Series

Basically four wet t-shirt contests with some mardigra flashing (with pussy), fantasy fest flashing (with pussy), a naked photoshoot, and a girl invited back to the hotel to strip and masterbate. The contests are at Rum Runners (seemed to be 1999) and include plenty of boobs, flying T-shirts, pussy, butt-naked winners, a couple of visits to the guy in the canoe, and the nine-fingered (and in one case six-fingered) ladies.

 from Wild Party Girls #1
Studio: DreamGirls

Two Girls In Miami

Two not particularly pretty girls go to Miami to party for the cameras. They flash through an airport, drop in on a nude pool party (but not for the competition mentioned), try on party dresses (without underwear), shower, shave their already-shaved pussies, massage each other. We take a side trip to mardis gras for flashing. The two girls then flash in the hotel hallways and lobby, party at a club, and talk dirty in a limo. We take a side trip to a rum runner's wet-T contest (missing much of the best parts of it). The girls then go back to the hotel and the movie (mercifully) ends when they are trying to figure out how to have sex with a strap on.

 from A Group Thing #1
Studio: Red Light District

Generic Porn

Generic last-century porn, nothing special. Foursomes and moresomes. Not bad at all, just nothing special. No creampies.

 from Fill Her Up #1
Studio: Red Light District

Fill Up Both Holes

The girls are Czech and barely speak English; their acting talent is worse than their English. Lots of slamming sex with six girls (two are in the last scene) taking on varous combintions of 1-3 guys. Most scenes include anal and double penetration and some have double vaginal. Lost of creampies but half of them are anal. If you like anal pie then this would get three or four stars for you.

 from Buttman at Nudes a Poppin' #15
Studio: Evil Angel

Naked Girls Everywhere

the big nuddist camp at roselawn indiana holds "nudes a poppin" a couple of times a year. people pay to get in and watch strippers, nudists, porn stars, and exhibitionists cavort on stage and in the "posing area". buttman spends half of his time watching butts but there are a lot of full frontal shots, many of them close enough to qualify for gynecology text books. nudes-a-poppin has famous stripper contests, but for buttman these are caught sporadically and aren't the focus, the posing area is. the movie is 2 hours and 18 minutes, plus a 48 minute bonus reel which is just more of the same stuff (with perhaps more strippers and less posing). some of the girls are, sort of, interviewed. all the while posing is going on, ron jeremy is doing his mc act on the stage, but buttman doesn't catch much of this. most know what roselawn is, and if you want the stage acts, find one of the other production companies that cover the same event. if you like the posing area better, this disk is five stars.

 from Orgy World #1
Studio: Evasive Angles

Just Another Sex Show

There are 12 girls who appear in teams of 3 in four separate scenes (each with the same team of 4-5 guys); total 2 hours. This is standard sex video, variety of positions. The girls invent the new Olympic sport of synchronized fake orgasms, which has some coolness to it. At the end of each scene, the guys pull out and shoot all over the girl's faces. (Would have been better with some creampies.) There is no story, no set up, no background. The sets are Holiday Inn class.

 from 4 X 4 #2
Studio: Evasive Angles

Raw Sex, All The Way Around

In a sense, this is the perfect porn flick. It's three hours long, has four scenes each with one girl getting gangbanged by four black studs, has ever kind of sex (oral, DP, anal, double anal, creampies, etc.), and even starts with a neat carton sequence of the four black guys stripping each of the girls naked. It has way too much anal and not nearly enough creampie to get a fifth star from me, but I'm sure many of you would have given it the final star.

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