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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from Internally Yours #3
Studio: Elegant Angel

Choke And Hammer

I hated this movie (one star), but others may love it (five stars). Just depends what you like. There are no interviews (I like those, maybe you don't). The girls are roughly handled, and survive it more than they enjoy it. The girls are choked, slapped, slammed around, and hammered, frankly, abused. They aren't having a good time, just making a paycheck. If you like girls being slammed around and fucked hard and not enjoying it, you'll love this. I fast forwarded through most of it, and did that rather than just turn it off ONLY because I ALWAYS write reviews of discs I rent.

 from Cream Pie #36
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Typical Of The Series

five good pies (good drip out scenes), no anal. the "acting" was stupid as these are actual couples making home movies (supposedly) and somehow think they are supposed to "act" like hot and horny couples (which they would be if they'd just not try to act). best part is that you can go through "scene selection" to get to the creampies without having to actually watch 90% of the disk.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #18
Studio: Kick Ass

Pretty Girls; Huge Loads

i've seen a lot of this series, and these are three of the prettiest girls. (hillary is scrawny, a size-zero, the other two are more the "perfect size six" type). the action is hot, the loads are huge, and the creampies are free flowing, no doubt at all that the deed got done. (unlike some creampie features where you have to squint to see a drop of cum deep in there.)

 from Screw My Husband Please #6
Studio: Wildlife

Good Ole' Nookie

Several couples show up, have a chat with the creepy bald host, then are introduced to a female porn star. The wife then asks the porn star to screw her husband, and we're off to the races. The porn stars are hot, the guys are hung, and the wives get naked and join in (some quickly, some more reluctantly). Some of the wives even do girl-girl. You always wonder in these things if this is legit or if the happy couple are unrelated actors hired to play the part. Best evidence is that they are real couples, swingers to be sure and often (but not always) the wife is a model and dancer not unused to being naked in front of a camera and other people. It's good fun, a good romp in the sack for all concerned, all of whom seem to have a great time. If only the producers could get out of the last century and replace some of the facial money shots with creampies it would be perfect.

 from Naked College Coeds #43
Studio: DreamGirls

A Mixed Bag

the usual compilation of unrelated scenes. two wet-t-shirt contests from rum runners in key web (one with the shower and one without) including lots of boobs and a little pussy, a few seconds of mardis gras flashing, and some "solo girl posing and spreading and toying". best of the bunch (just because it's something different) is a go-go contest from dirty harry's. six or so girls in short skirts dance. some pull their skirts up (or off) to show their thongs, some pull their panties out from under their skirts. some take the shirts off and dance in their bras, and some take their bras off (or didn't have any bras).

 from Special Assignment #42: Babes and Bikes!
Studio: DreamGirls

No Beaver = Boring!

the first hint that you're going to be disappointed is that this mess was shot in 2003 and not released until 2005 the disc is a gulfport biker festival, and there are a lot of girls flashing boobs but no pussy. inter-cut in the flashing is a "bikini dance" (topless, absolutely no pussy, even the crowd is standing around talking, not watching). there is what could have been a great wet-t shirt contest (over 20 girls, lots of gymnastics, dance moves, and contortionists) but the editors clipped out all of the pussy flashing (until nearly the end, when you see a brief glimpse). when one girl finally gets totally naked, the frontal views are clipped out of the video (leaving a pretty butt). it is a fun dvd, lots of music and dancing a laughing. just not any pussy. i don't know who thought that "tits, no pussy" was a good theme for a biker chick movie but we can hope he will never be allowed to direct or edit a dvd again!

 from Sorority Strip-Off #17
Studio: DreamGirls

Better Than Earlier Ones

there are basically two venues, both in new orleans. one is a nightclub with "sexy dancing" contests were girls in club clothes dance and sometimes flash and now and then strip butt naked. the other is that one with the wall of televisions (you've seen it before) with the "make your own bikini" contest (where at least some of the girls end up butt naked.

 from Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Venice Beach
Studio: Metro

Good Old Sex

this is, basically, just an excuse to string together five or so standard porn scenes. ron walks up and down the beach being greated by fans, and "accidentally" runs into horny beautiful people (who turn out to be porn stars but only when you see the credits) who agree to come have sex in his van, or his mansion, or his office. two girls, four couples (two of which do anal). in the end, ron gets a little action for himself.

 from MILF Cruiser #4
Studio: CinemaPlay

Mommy Pussy

for a "reality" dvd (and web site) it's obviously fake (the women are hired ahead of time) but the "acting" is bad enough to be good. "what's up with the camera?" every one of them asks. "oh, my friend is just practicing to learn to use it, never mind him." and they indeed never mind. these are beautiful women, huge dicks, great screwing, and facial finishes. if they'd do creampies i would have given it the fifth star.

 from Cum Buckets #4
Studio: Elegant Angel

No Creampies

the studio says cum is "blasted into hungry mouths, tight pussies, and gaping assholes!" and this is simply not true. (well, into one asshole, but not into any pussies.) if you like facial and oral cumshots, it's great. if you picked it up for the creampies, you are going to be seriously disappointed.

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