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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from Screw My Wife Please #32
Studio: Wildlife

Good Job

This disc includes five scenes with six women. (In one scene, two buddies bring their wives, one of which is the other buddy's sister.) This disc (from 2003) includes what may be the first appearance of Lisa Sparks (Sparxxx) and Cherry Poppins. Lisa takes a creampie from Tyce Bune but Cherry's first creampies were later in her career (at WCGP and Creampie Surprise). Basic format is a swinger couple comes in, chats with the host, the woman gets stripped, a porn stud (or two) comes in a bones her. Sometimes the husband and/or host jump into the action. Is it real? I suspect so, although a lot of what happens is planned and negotiated by email before the women show up. They film a couple of these things a month, getting all of the women to one site on one day and shooting all of the scenes in sequence. As porn sex goes, it's pretty good stuff, decent women and hung studs. Mostly facial finishes; records indicate only 3 creampies (including this one) in the 260 women who have been boned so far.

 from Naked College Coeds #42
Studio: DreamGirls

Filler, No Thriller

Each disc in this series includes a few wet-t-shirt contests, some street flashing, solo masturbation, showers, etc. This one seems to have used the wet-t-shirt contests left over after the other 41 discs, including one of the tamest ever held at Rum Runners and two others equally devoid of total nudity (but some very nice tits). The end, however, makes up for it as the bubbly redhead is brought to orgasm by three of her college friends. The best part of the tape is the commercial at the end for their mega web site. There are some very good discs in this series but they're running out of first-rate material.

 from Sorority Strip-Off #16
Studio: DreamGirls

Naked College Girls

this series is shot mostly (and this particular dvd entirely) at the utopia club in new orleans. this includes about four contests. each begins with a few drunk college girls flashing their boobs for door prizes or free drinks or something. then the "make your own bikini" contest starts, each contest having 6-10 girls. the bikinis are made out of just about anything, from pasties to stick-on-house-numbers to small plastic flags to string to cake frosting to plastic wrap to stick-on latex or whatever else you can imagine. alas, some of these bikinis are so poorly constructed that they fall off or fall apart quickly, leaving many of the girls butt-ass naked. others find their bikinis less comfortable than intended and get rid of them. lots of pussy, lots of spreading (this disc seems to have a few professional strippers pretending to be drunk college girls).

 from Cream Pie Hunnies
Studio: Wildlife

Do They Know What A Creampie Is?

Nine girls take creampies. So far, so good. Then all bad. The porn stud doesn't pull out of let us see the fruits of his labors; they keeps going and going, turning the girls and his cock into a frothy white mess. Do these clowns actually know what a creampie is? There are not enough creampie movies in this world, but there are enough that you could skip this one.

 from Cream Pie Hunnies #2
Studio: Wildlife

Fire In The Hole!

six girls get screwed and take sperm in their pussy. while that's enough to sell the movie, a few more details. the girls range from pretty to very pretty. the interviews are interesting. most of these girls are on the second half of an all-day shoot, having taken their first creampies (in another disk, one of the "never done that before" series) earlier in the day. tyce is a hoot, but he won't get the fifth star until he learns that cumming in the pussy isn't enough, we need a clear shot of every freshly-fucked pussy dripping cum, not just some of them.

 from Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy #3
Studio: Kick Ass

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Basically, the woman puts a large clear suction cup over her pussy and pumps the air out with a little hand thing. The vulva and pussy lips swell with blood due to the suction, producting a puffy pussy that is tender and juicy. After that, it's just plain old sex.

 from Swinging Gangbang
Studio: Smash

Oh Well

if you want more of the same standard gangbang sex with silly plot lines (honey? remember you said you had a fantasy?) then this is as good as any and better than most. i had hoped that with the title "swinging gangbangs" we might see real swingers having real sex the way real people really do, instead of the silly porn star "pull out and shoot" sex that was passe a few decades ago.

 from Booty Shake Contests #3
Studio: DreamGirls

Not Enough Nudity

this is part of a new series of discs by dreamgirls, from a new club somewhere in spring break land. it's a series of "booty shake" contests. while they pour water on the girls, the girls aren't wearing t-shirts but club clothes, which is kind of unique. some of the contests get totally nude but most are just "pull down pants, show thong, expect guys in audience to go crazy". given other dreamgirls series with a lot more nudity, there is just too much fast-forward time (girls in sexy clothes shaking their butts but not showing a darn thing) for my taste. i guess if you have watched every single wet-t-shirt disc ever made that you might consider watching the good 20 or so minutes of these discs.

 from Cum On In #2
Studio: 3rd Degree

In Your Face

this is "in your face porn", noting subtle or romantic or even sexy about it. girls who begged to be used hard and put away wet, and are treated that way. too much anal for my taste and i have deleted this series from my lineup, but if you like anal and/or like "strong" sex, this should get you going.

 from Cream Pie Orgy #1
Studio: Devil's Films

It's All About The Cream

Two scenes, each about an hour long, each five women and five men. They swap around for a while, having sex in every position (and a few more), some anal and DP and DV, then at the end of each scene the guys all cum in the women's pussies. It's not really about the creampies; it's really about a whole lot of honest fucking and sucking that ends like real sex really does (creampies), not like fake porn sex does (cum anywhere BUT the pussy). The second one has a special treat. One woman collects the sperm dripping from the pussies in a dog's water dish and the women take turns lapping it up, drinking it, and using their fingers to taste it.

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