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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from Real Adventures #70
Studio: DreamGirls

Not Bad, About Average

The Reel Adventures series is a compilation of unrelated short clips (up to 20 minutes, most smaller than that) of flashing, wet-t-shirts, and booty shake contests and the like, most with nudity and some with full nudity. To provide some cohesion for the entire disk, a girl (in this case a naughty redhead) is interviewed, taken to places to flash, and goes back to an apartment or two for spread-leg posing and to play with sex toys. There is something for everybody but if you're only interested in flashing OR wet-t-shirts then half of the tape is fast-forward material.

 from Cum Inside #1
Studio: Digital Sin

Cum Again? (Inside?)

Six scenes, seven nice-looking women, random fucking and sucking with creampie finishes and even girls eating cum out of each other's pussies. The bonus features include a creampie cumshot compilation so if you just want the money shots you don't actually have to watch the movie at all.

 from 10 Man Cum Slam #10
Studio: Kick Ass


three pretty starlets each swallow ten loads of sperm. (even better, each scene is show with two cameras so after each "big gulp" you can see it again from the other camera angle.) could have used a cumshot compilation, but other than that it's the height of this particular art form.

 from Special Assignment #40: Miss Nude Galaxy
Studio: DreamGirls

Pussy, Pussy, Pussy

this is another "ponderosa sun club" video. there is a main stage where girls do individual strip tease acts, naked go-go dancing contests in groups of four or five, and themed-costume group strips (such as five girls stripping out of grass skirts and bikini tops). wish we could get a lot more of the main stage and the strip tease contests. instead, this video mostly shoots the "posing area" where naked girls walk around inside a fenced-in area with hundreds of camera-totting guys standing outside the fence. these are professional strippers and not one bit shy about spreading those legs and showing us everything that their gynecologists know. i'd rather see the strip contests that none of the dvd series outfits bother to shoot, but there is some redeeming value in all that open pussy.

 from Naked College Coeds #41
Studio: DreamGirls

A Mixed Bag

The DVDs of this series (Naked College Coeds) combine a number of unrelated clips from 5-30 minutes into one show. This one includes several scenes of a girl interviewing to be a DreamGirl (strip, masterbate, play with sex toys). Other than this theme, we have.... Wet t shirt contest at Rumrunners with full nudity. Lame bardance with some topless chicks. Shower scene. Mardis gras flashing. Another bardance with some upskirt. Interview with a naked coed. Wet T Shirt contest at Dirty Harry's, not quite as wild as Rumrunners but still some pussy. Another rumrunners wet t-shirt contest. Body painting at Key West including pussy flashing. If you like the mix of scenes, go for it. If you like wet t-shirt contests, there's a bunch of fast forwarding here.

 from Wild Party Girls #27
Studio: DreamGirls

If You Like It, You Like It

This disc is typical of the series, and if you like the format, it's a good one. Three girls drive down to Key West to get paid getting naked for Dreamgirls. First we have topless sunbathing, then naked outdoor showers (with pussy licking), then naked interviews, then strap on and sex toy time. Between scenes, we have two wet-t-shirts (one with lots of full nudity and spread legs, the other passable but no big deal) and some mardis gras flashing (with plenty of pussy). If you just like wet t-shirt contests, this is going to be a lot of fast forwarding, but if you like girl's getting naked, talking dirty, and doing each other, well, the format doesn't get presented much better than this.

 from Naked College Coeds #31
Studio: DreamGirls

Tame, But Hot

Typical of the series. Three wet t shirt contests (with most of the girls unable to comprehend the concept of getting naked, but one or two do) intercut with a blonde chick who flashes, interviews, and fantasizes, some mardigras stuff, some chick in the shower, etc. For wet-t-shirt action, this is just plain lame. For a random collection of naked college chicks, it's not all fast forwarding, there is some good stuff.

 from Naked College Coeds #38
Studio: DreamGirls

Typical (Minus)

Typical of the series. A couple of wet-t-shirt contests (lots of boobs, not a lot of pussy but some) and some filler (flashing, girls doing themselves with dildos).

 from Naked College Coeds #39
Studio: DreamGirls

Wet Ts And More

Three wet-t-shirt contests from Rum Runners in Key West, home of the nakedest of these contests. These are second-class far from Rum Runners -- only a few of the girls get completely naked. Darn. Intercut between the contests are some naked interviews with girls playing with sex toys and some Mardis Gras flashing.

 from Screw My Wife Please #27
Studio: Wildlife

Plenty Of Sex

the theory behind this very successful series (they're up to #55 with five women per disc) is that swinging couples (or just guys who have a fantasy of seeing their wife screwed by a porn star) show up for interviews and sex. in many cases, two guys take on the wife, in others only one. the women range from pretty to plain, from trashy to housewives. usually it's played straight but one episode on this disk has a "plot" of sorts (wimp husband bossed around by the porn stud boning his wife). there is some anal. in most scenes the final cumshot is on the wife's face, which doesn't make much sense as normal women who screw around don't take their lover's cum there. i rented this one because reported that tyce bune came inside one of the wive's pussy. well, i couldn't really tell. i certainly didn't see the kind of gushing outflow that creampie fans expect. he said he did and she was kind of messy but she'd been messy and sloppy wet (too much lube?) the whole time. some viewers do not believe these are really married couples but i'll accept it. the guys watch and often participate.

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