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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from Best Internal Cumshots #1
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Xplor Blows It Big Time

xplor (homegrown) has an excellent series of truly amateur internal cumshots. i've seen many of these disks and highly recommend them (four or five stars). but this disc is a bad joke. first off, these are not the "best" of the scenes in their discs; there are many better. second, the fourth one isn't even an internal cumshot at all. (some dim bulb pulls out of his wife's pussy and shoots all over it, not the definition of "internal" i read once.) third, if they were going to do a compilation they could have given us shortened versions of a dozen scenes (foreplay, 1/10 of the fucking, and the cumshot). fourth, the "photo album" seriously lacks clear creampie photos. they'd be better served to recall and destroy all of this disc and just continue the outstanding series of truly amateur scenes instead of recycling random scenes into a supposedly "best of" disc that isn't the best and isn't anything different than the rest of the series.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #15
Studio: Kick Ass

Continuing The Tradition

If you like creampies, no other DVD series gives you more per disc. They vary from gushers to dribblers, but it's all good. The women are pretty, the guys are studly, and the action is intense. I really don't care that the girls clean up between shots, as the point is the creampie, not that if you don't clean up you just make the girl messy.

 from Cream Pie #20
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Not One Of Xplor's Best

Other than one creampie in the gangbang (which had only three guys and technically fails to meet the standard four guys for gangbangs) you're going to have to take the word of the women than a creampie happened. You just don't see the gush/drip you expect. Other than that, it's just amateur screwing. These seem to be scenes rejected from previous disks because of a lack of cream in the pie.

 from Internal Explosions #3
Studio: Anarchy

The First Woman Is Worth It

typical creampie movie. five women are interviewed, then screwed, and finally left with sperm dripping out of their coochies. well, sort of. the first woman is spanish and if you never understood the difference between latina and high castillian nobility you will. she's the kind of woman you leave in charge of the thousand-acre cattle ranch while you go on a business trip. she can handle anything. she doesn't believe in wasting sperm and it all goes to the right place. she's worth the price of the movie, but sadly the rest are just fast forward material. the second girl is hot enough, but somebody got the bright idea to give the viewer a quarter of fake cum instead of the real stuff. the third and fifth girls take anal pies; if you like then, great, i just hit the "skip to next scene" button. the fourth girl gives it her best shot but the "creampie" is a couple of drops of pre-cum from a guy who just can't deliver the package.

 from Cream Pie #27
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Not That Impressive

85 minutes. five girls take creampies (one anal, four vaginal). as with most such movies, the scenes tend to drag as you wait for the finish and the fast forward button gets a workout. the creampies are not that impressive; only one is the kind of flowing cum you would expect (and see from other studios). the director doesn't let the girl use her fingers to dig the cum out or spread it around. the "photo gallery" has only one decent creampie picture. bright spot is the hour-long preview of other xplor movies.

 from Young, Dumb, and Filled with Chocolate Cum #3
Studio: Evasive Angles

Stupid Czech Girls

Five or six Czech/Slovak girls get screwed and filled with sperm. (At least one of them didn't expect that, or put on a damn fine act of being pissed.) One girl does DP. None of the girls speaks much English, so there aren't any interviews as such.

 from Party Bus Pussy Patrol #3
Studio: Juicy

Plain Old Porn, In A Van.

this is generic porn (with way too much anal for my taste) but instead of actually coming up with something actually creative about the sex, they had the sex scenes shot in a "party bus" or a limo. i guess a novel location counts for creativity. i won't be renting any more of these.

 from My First Porn Scene in Las Vegas #3
Studio: Juicy

Not Bad For Amateurs

amateur porn. women range from pretty to gorgeous. these may or may not be the "first" sex scenes but are supposedly the first gangbangs. not bad, but definitely amateur, ranging from natural to overacted.

 from Special Assignment #38: Spring Break Cancun
Studio: DreamGirls

Love It Or Leave It

If you like endless scenes of spring break street flashing (for beads, or just because), dancing on the bar (upskirt views of panties), and sexy girls dancing as they only barely avoid falling out of their clothes, this is the best DVD in the history of flashing. If, on the other hand, you think that flashing is the boring filler between wet-t-shirt contests, give this one a pass. There is only one such contest and it's pretty tame.

 from Real Adventures #70
Studio: DreamGirls

Not Bad, About Average

The Reel Adventures series is a compilation of unrelated short clips (up to 20 minutes, most smaller than that) of flashing, wet-t-shirts, and booty shake contests and the like, most with nudity and some with full nudity. To provide some cohesion for the entire disk, a girl (in this case a naughty redhead) is interviewed, taken to places to flash, and goes back to an apartment or two for spread-leg posing and to play with sex toys. There is something for everybody but if you're only interested in flashing OR wet-t-shirts then half of the tape is fast-forward material.

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