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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from Fully Injected Holes
Studio: Video Team

It's All About The Creampie

This is a compilation of creampie scenes, short 60-180 second clips of the final moments of a good fuck and the sperm dripping out of the pussy or ass. A few of them pull out (or fall out) before the shot, but most of the shots are internal. I couldn't count but there must have been 50 or more in this 90 minute spectacle. This is German porn and pussies are not portrayed in the soft light of US porn, but as raw well-abused fuckholes.

 from Party Girls
Studio: Video Team


I only put up with German porn (I can't understand the language) because Puaka once did a lot of creampie stuff. This one doesn't have any (except in a couple of the previews of other tapes, german previews tend to include all of the cum shots) and if you're going to just watch people screw and then do facials you might as well rent a disk in a language you understand.

 from Cum Factory
Studio: Video Team

Lots Of Cum

72 minutes. six girls, bunch of guys. mostly facials, fucking of the "pull out when you're going to shoot" variety, some anal, a little snowballing. the movie is shot in a gym where guys work out in bulging jock straps until girls in lingerie come in and start sucking them. moral of the story: read the description carefully. just because it's from the producer of your favorite movie doesn't mean it follows the same theme. i'd have expected a dozen creampies from puaka but it never happened.

 from Dripping Snatches
Studio: Video Team


one would assume that a movie titled "dripping snatches" would be a creampie flick, and there is one good of those (47 minutes into a 68 minute movie) and a couple of questionable ones. mostly, this is a facial movie, and if you're into facials, don't miss this one. in the first scene, eight buddies are talking about sex but can't get their girlfriends to come over. one guy (a sailor) knows some whores and calls three over. they suck everybody's cock, then while the guys are resting do some lesbo stuff. then the guys come into the bedroom and fuck the whores (mostly facial shots). all in german. there is an english introduction which explains what's going on before the girls arrive but you don't really realize that the end of the introduction covers the whole "guys talking" scene which is much longer then the intro.

 from Inseminated By 2 Black Men #2
Studio: Kick Ass

Great Show

Four women, each in her own scene, are each fucked by two black guys who cum inside their pussies. (One of the women, the British girl, takes anal and DP.) The girls are pretty, the guys are hung, and eight creampie shots are spectacular. None of the cast takes the prison cell motif seriously and neither should you.

 from Nudes A Poppin' 2004
Studio: DreamGirls

Wasted Trip

sending a film crew to the famous Nudes-a-Poppin show, one might exect them to come back with footage of the famous dance production numbers, or perhaps of the famous strip dance competitions, where each girl shows off her originality and creativity. No, these geniuses brought back two hours of 100+ girls doing exactly the same moves (flop on the towell, spread legs, flip over, spread legs). About a minute or two of worthwhile strip dance footage isn't worth the sore fast-forward finger.

 from Sorority Strip-Off #12
Studio: DreamGirls

Better Than Earlier #S

two hours. four contests to make a "home made bikini" out of string, ribbon, tape, cake frosting, or other items. the first contest includes a lot of full nudity, the second includes enough to be a good show, the third and fourth are fast-forward material. at least this is a lot better than the earliest ones of the series where the college girls couldn't grasp the concept of "get naked". many of the girls in the first contest are strippers, which explains a lot. the one girl in the first contest who never takes anything off looks a little lost.

 from Naked College Coeds #33
Studio: DreamGirls

Typical Of The Series

A couple of wet-t-shirt contests (lots of boobs and some pussy) and some filler (flashing, solo girls).

 from Naked College Coeds #32
Studio: DreamGirls

The Tame And The Lame

If you like wet t-shirt contests ... well, skip this mess and rent the other dreamgirl series (the one shot at Rum Runners). Two hours, several scenes. Scene 1: wet t-shirt contest at Sloppy Joe's. Most girls flash tits, only two toss their shirts, one flashes some pussy. Scene 2: interview with a cute blonde coed about her sex life and fantasies. Scene 3: Street flashing (Mardis-gras or something like it) with some pussy. Scene 4: back to the girl in scene 2 who uses a purple vibrator. Scene 5: Club dance contest with six girls who cannot comprehend the concept of taking their clothes off. After MUCH too much begging by the judges, two girls briefly show a nipple or two. Scene 6: brunette girl (not particularly pretty) takes a shower. Big whup. Scene 7: Wet t-shirt contest at Dirty Harry. Seven girls show boobs and one gets naked. Scene 8: some kind of rock video set to rap music (who thought this was a good idea?) show street flashing and a lame wet t-shirt contest. Scene 9: Very pretty girl named Jade (for her green eyes, she's caucasian) strips and masturbates.

 from Shane's World #35
Studio: Shane's World

Swinger's Don't

the crew (shayne, another guy, 3 chicks) fly to houston to visit a swinger club. lots of interviews about the swinging lifestyle, but most of the sex is the crew doing each other because the swingers chickened out. some time-wasting nonsense (double dating swingers and porn stars play paintball? really?). some nice footage at the club including the "pick your wife blindfolded by feeling the boobs of eight women" contest. after-party at the home of the swingers is pretty tame (lots of making out and fondling, not a lot of sex).

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