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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Sets The Standard

for creampie sex (and let's face it, cummin anywhere else is stupid) this series sets the standard (15 pies per movie), and this first disk in the series set a high mark. three very attractive women each take five cum shots inside their pussies and provide clear drip-out (or in some cases gush-out) views. some of the later ones resorted to skanks, but these girls are hot and pretty. the studs are hung, the drawing numbers part is a hoot, the interviews are neat (kind of like asking "well, virgin, you're about to be thrown into a volcano, what's on your mind?", and the sex is enthusiastic without being brutal. while respecting the women and treating them nicely, the studs do fuck the hell out of them, better fucking than most porn with realistic creampie cumshots to boot.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #3
Studio: Kick Ass

What Cp Is All About

If you like creampies, the best series is this one, where you get 15 creampies per disk. The intros are fun and the blooper reel even more so. The scenes are hot and the girls (all blonde this time) are hotter. Good dripout shots. The blondes include one English girl (who is as tall as most of the studs), one all-american blonde next door, and one trashy slut.

 from Special Assignment #21: Skin To Win
Studio: DreamGirls

About Average

Several wet-t-shirt contests, all with boobs and a few with pussy, but these were definitely second-tier. Even the Rumrunner's contest (where most girls usually end up butt naked) was tame with only one girl getting naked and one flashing some pussy. If you really like wet-t-shirt contests then this one is watchable just not top 100 of all time material.

 from Special Assignment #27: Skin to Win
Studio: DreamGirls

Good, Bad, And Different

For a wet-t-shirt tape, this one has good and bad. The good is as good as any and better than most. The bad is just filler. There are three contests, one at rum runners with lots of total nudity, one at Dirty Harry's that is generously just filler, and one at an open air location with more girls than usual (over 25) and most of them butt ass naked with their legs spread wide. If you like wet t shirts, rent this DVD and the boring second scene will just let you cool off for the hot final contest.

 from Special Assignment #6: Skin To Win
Studio: DreamGirls

Naked Chicks!

This is another series of wet-t-shirt contests shot in 2001, about half of them at Rum Runners and the rest elsewhere including Dirty Harry's. Most of the chicks get topless and half of them completely naked.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #7
Studio: Kick Ass

International Creampies

three women (german, british, brazillian) get five creampies each. the creampies range from "yeah, there's something white down in there" to gushers; most kind of drip. the women are beautiful, the sex incredibly hot, and the creampies the proper and natural end to a good old fashioned bang.

 from Sorority Strip-Off #6
Studio: DreamGirls

Stupidity Rip-Off

so lame that dreamgirls didn't "release" this dvd, it must have escaped. several contests in a nightclub, sucking beer bottles, holloween costumes, two "make your own bikini out of ... whatever" contests. lame lame lame. unlike their other dvds where most of the girls end up naked, total nudity is rare and there is way too much "look at me, i'm sexy, even if i'm not taking anything off" nonsense. there is some flashing and upskirt and at the end a couple of nude chicks, but not enough to save this dvd from the "dreck of the decade" award. don't bother with this one. dreamgirls have dozens of far superior offerings.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #4
Studio: Kick Ass

Simply The Best

this whole series is the best of creampie porn. (if you think creampies are disgusting, why did you rent one with "creampie" in the title? if you like creampies, there is nothing better than this series because you get more per disc than anything else). domino is a sexy latina with very long hair, past her butt. one the blooper real she's sort of a princess, demanding that the guys "not hurt her" and acting like everybody on the set is there to serve her. cherry is seen on many creampie web sites and is great. renee is austrian with a delightful accent, incredible body, and hot fucking sex with a cum dripping pussy.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #10
Studio: Kick Ass

Small Tit Edition

Three girls (one is Australian, one is latina, one is from Arkansas) take the cream. Typical of the 5-guy series (other than one girl discussing how she watches her movies with her mother, who asks if she got sick swalling cum in the last one). Somtimes the cum has trouble slipping out, but it's all good. The five guys each take their own favorite position, so there's plenty of variety.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #11
Studio: Kick Ass

Typical Of The Series

The point of the series is that if you like creampies, you get 15 of them on one DVD rental. Of course, I've gotten to the point of watching the interviews and the drawing for numbers and then fast forwarding to each cumshot. The girls are great (British, Brazilian blonde, and East European) and the guys are the usual crew who, while older, certainly know their job. Yeah, I could do without them cleaning up between shots but it's not bad and there just isn't anything else with this much pie in it.

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