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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from Black Cum 'N White Girlz #1
Studio: West Coast

Huge Dicks, Huge Loads

Pretty good movie for creampies (some anal, most vaginal), huge dicks (including some real monsters), hard core fucking, and sluts who are happily interviewed about what is about to happen to them and what just did.

 from Black Cum 'N White Girlz #2
Studio: West Coast

One More Cp Movie

Three vaginal pies (plus one more where the guy cums just as he's pulling out), one anal pie, and one oral shot. Cytherea squirts, a lot. The Scene Selection lets you jump to the cum shot, avoiding the need to actually wants the bad acting and listen to the annoying music.

 from Get Yo Orgy On! #1
Studio: West Coast

Well, It's An Orgy

Black guys and assorted girls (mostly black, some white) have sex in rotating groups. Lots of anal, lots of DP. Facial cumshots, no creampies.

 from Young, Dumb and Filled with Chocolate Cum
Studio: Evasive Angles

Young Pies

Several 18-year-old girls, some of whom have never had multiple partners or been with black men, get boned by a pair of huge black dicks. Some of the pies are anal and oral, but most are pretty good pussy pies. The girls range from 7-10 and the dicks from 10-12.

 from Naked College Coeds #14
Studio: DreamGirls

Skin To Win

two hours. includes four wet-t contests and a few "single girl posing naked " scenes. the contests are from rum runners in key west, the best contests where almost all the girls are topless, most of them flash beaver, and a lot of them end up butt naked. yes, of course, there is some pseudo-lesbian french kissing and 69 involved.

 from Naked College Coeds #5
Studio: DreamGirls

Best Of The Breed

For a wet-t-shirt movie, this is one of the best. Four contests, each with six or more girls, all of them at Rumrunners in Key West. This is the home of the best wet-t-shirt contests, where full nudity is common and butt naked isn't going to be enough to win. In between the contests are some other features: three coeds go lesbo on a bed, one coed strips and masturbates, and some mardi gras flashing.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #8
Studio: Kick Ass

Exotic Erotic Ethnic Edition

three exotic ethic girls, each take the cream. lots of hot screwing, but as always, the interviews are the best part. (are these girls really dumb enough to do this without birth control?) the creampies vary from gushers to drippers to "well, something goey is in there".

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #6
Studio: Kick Ass

Standard Of Excellence

For creampie movies, there just isn't anything better. Three girls, fifteen pies, red-hot sex, dynamite chicks. Roxy is increible and the other girls are just plain excellent. The guys are a hoot. Some of the pies are gushing and others are drip..drip...bubble, but they're all legitimate pies. The interview part is the fun part, and the sex is just great.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #5
Studio: Kick Ass

Very Good

Three pretty girls, 15 big dicks, 15 huge dripping loads of cream. This series remains the best creampie series as you get 15 creampies per disk. The blooper reel is a hoot.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #2
Studio: Kick Ass

Fifteen Pies

Not bad at all. Big dicks and hot chicks. Ashley Blue is the best and the blonde chick does a decent job of pretending she didn't know it was an internal cumshot movie. The point is creampies and there are 15 of them. Some are just the slowly flowing ball of gunk, others drip, some flow.

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