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All Reviews by Fred Lake
 from Bottom Dweller Orgies
Studio: Elegant Angel

Just Sex, Wall To Wall Sex

Several orgies (one of them all female), most built around the somewhat goofy plot of women who have paid to be tossed into an orgy in order to learn how to enjoy sex. A few of them clown around about being reluctant but most just dive in.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #19
Studio: Kick Ass

Continued Series

Three girls, five pies each. One is a rare black girl; don't see many of those in this series. The girl (off camera) wipes up the mess each time but by guy #4 it's pretty obvious that the inside is still pretty sloppy.

 from Sorority Strip-Off #18
Studio: DreamGirls

Improving Every Time

this series includes that club with a wall of televisions (which never show anything of any interest). the girls do the "home made bikini contest" (and other stupid stuff) in front of the televisions. the bikinis might be made of string, pasties, plastic wrap, cake batter, or whatever, but more and more of the girls end up completely naked. this tape also includes a few other contests including a strip blackjack competition.

 from Special Assignment #44: Wild College Contests!
Studio: DreamGirls

tame & lame

if you love boobs, this isn't too bad, but if you expect pussy in your drunk coed contests, don't blink or you'll miss most of it. first contest is at captain morgan's (which i think used to rum runners, at least it has the same host). one of their tamer contests with only one girl going nude (and her for all of five seconds), but all six topless. second contest is a topless contest at tequila frog and a waste of disc space. why even have a contest if the rules don't allow the panties to come down? third contest is some kind of bikini contest with two dozen girls but nobody takes anything off so who cares? wasted disc space. four contest is topless at dirty harry's. don't blink or you'll miss another four seconds of pussy. fifth is a rum runner's contest from 2001, before the shower, and with those tacky white "welcome" signs on the backdrop that listed a bunch of colleges. six or seven girls, three of them eventually get briefly naked but this lacks the "half hour of several naked chicks" that made rum runners famous. sixth is a booty shake contest from south padre. all the girls are in bikinis and get topless right away; one gets naked and does some spread leg in your face shots. this contest had the saving grace of the best dancing ever seen in such a contest. seventh is one of those "make your own bikini" contests from new orleans. at least it ends up several girls standing there totally naked.

 from Special Assignment #43: Spring Break in Key West!
Studio: DreamGirls

Typical Of The Series

Several wet-t-shirt contests from Rum Runners (now Captain Morgans) in Key West. Not their best contests (only some of the girls get naked) but far from their worst. Some random flashing and naked girls in the surf; the wet-t-shirt contest from Dirty Harry's is just filler.

 from Screw My Wife Please #50 (Disc 1)
Studio: Wildlife

Best Orgy Ever

the screw my wife series is usually five scenes of two porn studs on one wife each. this volume is all five wives in the same room with ten porn studs and everybody goes to town. most of the girls just enjoy good old fucking and sucking, but one wife is constantly taking anal and dp. the women range from pretty to gorgeous, and at least a couple of them are really first-timers (the others being swingers who do this all the time without a camera). the only reason it doesn't get a fifth star is the old fashioned "last five minutes, everybody lines up and does facials on the girls". it would have been much better with creampies. at least the one girl desperately trying to avoid getting cum in her mouth is kinda funny.

 from Screw My Wife Please #50 (Disc 2)
Studio: Wildlife

Behind The Scenes

while the orgy on disk 1 is one of the best, this is very different stuff. it's a one-hour behind-the-scenes featurette that is long on talk and short on sex. there's some, but it's mostly talk. porn stars talking about previous screw my wife shoots, an insight into how things are set up and played out, short interviews with the wives. the bonus scene is gross (lots of anal and "destruction" type stuff) and the photo gallery is the usual filler that producers think we will count as a "bonus feature".

 from Cream Pie #37
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Typical Of The Series

five good pies (good drip out scenes), no anal. the "acting" was unnecessary (and bad) as these are actual couples making home movies (supposedly) and somehow think they are supposed to "act" like hot and horny couples (which they would be if they'd just not try to act like hot and horny couples). you can go through "scene selection" to get to the creampies without having to actually watch the rest of the disk.

 from #3
Studio: DreamGirls

Tame By Comparison

While advertised as some of the hottest wet-t-shirt contests ever, these are fairly tame. Wall to wall boobs but not much pussy. Five contests (only two of them with full nudity). If you like lots of boobs you'll like this one, but if you want some nookie then there is a lot of fast fowarding between way too few beavers.

 from New Barbarians, The
Studio: VCA

Classic Porn

this is an old classic movie (from about 1985) which has peter north and a whole bunch of actors (most of whom don't actually get naked or have sex). it's a movie, not just straight porn, so there is a plot. a bunch of barbarian tribes live in a valley. some are nice, some aren't. one of the nice tribes is led by the crazy old witch doctor zarkon, who has the crystal which will take people to other dimensions but has forgotten how to use it. sometimes people dumb luck into getting it to work and end up in 1985 los angeles. the bad guys steal the crystal and the warrior princess sets off on a hunt to recover it. the plot (badly acted and hard to follow) is punctuated by people having sex of the typical old school porn type: sucking, fucking, facial. seems that whenever you try to get the crystal to work everybody within 50 feet gets horny. then there are the "drainer bitches", wild demon women who want to "suck you dry". the movie was supposed to capitalize on the success of barbarian queen (by a different company). bq was a tremendous success because it was more erotic and less overt, had a good plot that made sense, and nice married ladies would watch it with their husbands and turn into wild horny women. the new barbarians lacks the eroticism and hold little interest for couples, although the horribly bad acting could be a hoot. even worse, the movie stops halfway through and you have to go find the sequel to get the rest of the story.

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