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All Reviews by Fracture
 from Temptress
Studio: New Sensations

Lost Its Momentum

There was a lot of plot set up which actually didn't distract at first. All that set up didn't pay off much and the plot was still full of holes. Luckily the right holes get filled in a couple scenes. Carmen plays a spirit of temptation who is supposedly unleashing one family's supressed desires. I get the feeling she only plays with Julian, and one scene where she is supposedly working her magic on the son--not played by Julian but an actor who is probably older--takes place beneath the sheets. the scene actually works thanks to Carmen being so sexy and some decent dirty talk. The final scene delivered a little heat with some sacrilege for those who enjoy priests behaving badly.

 from Swallow My Squirt #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

What's Not To Love

The premise is girls blasting each other with squirt. The deal is sealed already. But these girls are cute, enthusiastic, and using their mouths for more than just receiving ejaculations. Angela Stone's performances acting in the bookend scenes add flavor as she plays the wife inviting in other women so she can squirt in their faces. She invites in Kinzie or Georgia, I'm not sure which, bringing her guest in with a nice thick collar. In the second scene she invites in the queen of squirt, Cytherea. It's a squit-off with the two but Cytherea remains the queen. Nikki Hunter goes nuts on her man, defining high energy. I don't know if I'd want a woman doing that to me, but it was fun to watch. Another threeway is next, and this might be the most intense scene with squirt aplenty. Masturbating squirt, squirt from fucking the dick for hire, squirt showers. Flower Tucci drives her girl-girl with Eva Angelina kept my interest and made me think about buying some of the toys they used. My girlfriend enjoys this kind of stunt fucking, and she liked watching. Her only question was wondering what makeup they used because no one ended up with that nice mascara smear which is usualy the badge of a serious fuck session.

 from Killing Courtney Luv
Studio: VCA

If you and your friends made a porno...

...this would be it. Bad performances, obvious discomfort, and too much (bad) anal. The best parts were between the sex, and reminded me of Richard Kern's films.

 from Prying Open My Third Eye #1
Studio: New Sensations

No enlightenment here, just fucking

I was hoping for porn's take on spritiual energy and altered consciousness. How great would that be! Nope. The third eye here is the butthole. No explanation is made for how they creators came to this concept. It's just another gonzo anal movie. But it wasn't too bad and did its job.

 from Sunny and Cher
Studio: Vivid

No fringe, just gorgeous girls doing nasty things.

I watched this three time through, and a couple scenens more than that. Sunny's energy and enthusiasm in each scene she is combined with the gorgeousness of Lux and Haley was too great to only view once. The context of the scenes involving voyeurism and anonymous sex in bathrooms and at private parties added to the heat. That's probably no surprise to Paul Thomas' fans.

 from Blacklight Beauty (Disc 1)
Studio: Pulse

It's Art, And It's Still Hot.

After a false start while fiddling with my amp's surround sound settings to figure out why I wasn't hearing anything but the music--music which is right in line with my taste but may not be for everyone--I realized that there WAS only music. We've heard every moan, wail and ass slapping ball before, and while I usually have when the voices and location sound are mixed below the music or is absent, I didn't miss it here. The visuals were great, and watching Allie Sin give a great performance took me through this first boy/girl scene without any drop in libido. Then to my surprise and delight a little bit of what she was saying was finally revealed. She said something about telling her boyfriend about this guy she was fucking. Director Jack the Zipper was doing a tease not with clothing but with audio. Deviating from porn formula, some of the vignettes that the film is comprised of don't feature a sexual encounter from start to finish such as the girl/girl with Cytheria and Riley Mason. it's Cytheria so I would expect some ejaculation from her, but not this time. I enjoyed the scene enough that I didn't consider that maybe the shoot hadn't worked out and the scene was a salvage job. Other scenes reminded me of other directors like Richard Kern or Gregory Dark's work in the 90s. Sure that means clowns, but even the clown scenes deliver in the way we porn lovers most care about. That clown had a pretty good pop for Joanna Angel. Blacklight Beauty is a film that works aesthetically and pornographically, something I don't think I've seen anyone else achieve as completely as Jack the Zipper. Eon McKai's films promise to be as good but lose their artistic vision. Maybe Eon doesn't have Jack's budget. Some of Ninn's and Raven's work approach this visually but Jack is doing something new. I fear the coming imitators because I doubt this is an easy thing to accomplish.

 from Real Taylor Hayes, The
Studio: Vivid

Pretty Girl, Poor Comp

It's been a while but I remember Taylor being much more interesting than the clips selected for this compilation. Perhaps it was because the scenes appear to be shortened for some reason. Hilight was when Taylor gave a sincere smile when Tony Tedeschi told her how much he liked her pussy. Pure and honest hotness.

 from Sweet Spot, The
Studio: Cal Vista

Gorgeous Women Acting And Fucking Well

The structure of the movie is that some sex club regulars are talk about why they like to go to their club, then we get to see the sex they describe. I like this format, it gives another element of intimacy. All the women were beautiful and gave great performances. Unfotunately, it just lost some energy as it ran. I'm used to seeing a "finale fuck" in the last scene or two, and with a sex club as the setting I would have liked to see an orgy for that. But the partners maxed out at three other than in the introduction where the sex wasn't really the focus. That keeps this movie safe for couples, as they say, but for that genre it definitely has some heat.

 from Big Wet Asses #16
Studio: Elegant Angel

Good all the way through

I rented this for Tori Black and her scene was great, but I liked the rest of it, too. The behind the scenes were mostly done with "dirty girls" after the scenes were over. You can guess how good the scene was for them. I think it was Sasha that seemed to be in another world after her scene with James Dean.

 from Interns, The
Studio: New Sensations

sensual, "couple friendly", confusing plot

But who cares about plot? It did it's job of getting various pairing together to do a lot of clam bumping. The director and performers excelled in finding new ways to get contact between clits and other body parts. The only time it didn't work for me was when it tried to get into fetishistic scenarios like one woman pouring champagne down her leg in stockings while another drank it off her feet. These felt too staged. The sex isn't the most graphic or rough, even when it tried to be. But I thought this was a nice change from the typical gonzo of disembodied cocks floating into the various orifices. I still found it hot, and I enjoyed the different energy. It was much more anima than animus, and there's plenty of room for that in porn.

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