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All Reviews by Foreskin Fanatic
 from Little Asian Transsexuals #20
Studio: Third World Media

Best shemale movie ever!

Little Asian Transsexuals #20 is phenomenal! It's shot in HD, and the close-ups are awesome. Each shemale star is super-hot and has a sexy, uncircumcised penis with lots o' foreskin. Moreso, it focuses on foreskin play like I've never seen before in any shemale flick. For example, the white dude docks each of the 4 girls' erect penises in his foreskin. The first two girls are really feminine-looking, but they still have decent-sized shafts with oodles of foreskin. In the 3rd scene, Parkky even tries to dock the dude's dick IN HER FORESKIN! The last scene is unreal: Cream has a HUGE, UNCUT DONG - just as big as her co-star's - and you have to give him credit, because he gets extra-perverted and takes max advantage of her thick, veiny penis-sheath. HE EVEN STICKS HIS TONGUE UNDERNEATH HER FORESKIN WHEN HE'S SUCKING ON HER UNCUT BONER! In summary, if you love beating your thick, veiny, uncircumcised penis while watching perverted shemale foreskin porn (like me;), then YOU WILL LOVE LITTLE ASIAN TRANSSEXUALS #20!!!