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All Reviews by Fool-On-The-Hill
 from Lesbian Fetish Fever #1
Studio: Bizarre Video


this was un-fucking-believable. i have no idea what this was supposed to be, but it wasn't. maybe a better title would have been "ladies wearing latex", because that's all there was to see. if these were "the most perverse ladies of porn", they must have been taking the day off. the closest thing to perverse was a pony-girl scene that was so tame that it didn't even have a pony-tail/butt-plug. these "extremely kinky lesbians" were so soft-core it was ridiculous. no dildoes, no vibrators, the one toy used was kept off screen and even the oral was faked. if you want to spend half the time watching one girl dress another girl in latex, have fun. otherwise, steer clear.

 from Hellcats #2
Studio: Evil Angel

Ok, But Lacking.

A couple of the scenes tried to be interesting, but the rest came off as boring. I understand that Kitty does 'age play' because of her flat chest, but the pussy piercings spoils the illusion. I'm guessing that she doesn't do anal or it would have been in her scene like it was in all the others. Maybe that's why they had her do the peeing scene. Julie Knight is better when the scene is scripted than on the fly. It seemed like her Domme didn't even know what was supposed to happen.

 from Violation of Bridgette Kerkove, The
Studio: JM Productions

Well, Light The Funeral Pires -- I Must Be Dead!

If I had not seen it I would not have believed it -- a TRIPLE vag penetration was boring. I'm sure the director had some idea what he wanted to film, but he should have told the ladies because they didn't seem to have any idea how to work together. At least they were professional enough to stay out of the way of the camera. The one good point is that if this is the best of the series, then I can save myself some time by not renting any more of them.

 from Q Spot (Le Point Q)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Quirky But Boring.

This tongue-in-cheek (pun intended) comedy/farce didn't develop so much as it became boring. Tongue ass -- finger ass -- fuck ass, repeat. If this were a theme movie that would be fine, but this was supposed to have a plot. I found myself fast-forwarding through the same acts/different actress routine. I will admit that I did chuckle at the last scene.

 from Itty Bitty Titty Cheerleaders Chain Gang
Studio: FilmCo

how big is still "itty bitty"?

b-cups shouldn't qualify as "itty bitty" any more than c-cups should qualifies as "huge". of the four scenes, two were decent and two were, well, boring. i was a little disappointed that the girl/girl scene didn't include anal (only because it teased with it). camera angles were off throughout the movie.

 from Assholes #4
Studio: Notorious

Not That Great

I rented this one expecting Kitty (Asian)[under 5 ft., under 100lbs., under A-Cup]. Turned out to be Kitty Marie [5'6", 125, b-cup]. Really nothing else worth mentioning.

 from Hogtied Hooters
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Sound Please?

This might have been interesting if I could have heard what the actors were saying. It's as if the dialogue track was left off of the disk. It's not that I expected anything profound, but a spanking scene with no impact sounds and no moaning as well as no actual sex is worth nothing.

 from Double Penetration Tryouts #2
Studio: Pink Visual

Surprisingly Enjoyable

Of the five scenes, two 3's, a 4, and two 5's. A couple of the girls acted well enough to almost make you believe that it wasn't all staged and prepped. I intend to check out Allison and Sasha in other films. The biggest drawback was that the camera depth cut off both points of action; something that might be solved on a hi-def, big screen TV.

 from Ass Fuckers #1
Studio: Super Shots

Very Disappointing

They should change the name to "Half-Ass Fuckers", less than half of the scenes actually had someone being fucked in the ass. I don't expect every scene to have anal unless --- THAT'S THE NAME OF THE MOVIE. I only rented it to see Kitty in an anal scene (even if it was a girl-girl scene), but no suck luck.

 from Flat & Fucked
Studio: SCORE

Nothing outstanding

The girls were cute enough for the most part, but there wasn't really anything to notice or remember. I was hoping to find someone to look for in future flix but no.

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