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All Reviews by Fool-On-The-Hill
 from Nurse In Training
Studio: A Wizard of Ass

Cream of a lousy crop

Easily the best of a bad lot. Is there some law that says that there can't be any actual sex in a movie like this? The same actresses fuck in other films, why not here? Made in Europe so they didn't shy away from the enemas the way US films do. BUT (no pun intended), the whole thing seemed poorly planed. The acting of the nurse (Misty) was painful to watch; the actress seemed lost in the fetish instead of the character. Then just to make in worse the "doctor" kept leaving the set to get something and they didn't edit out the interruptions. On too many occasions we are left to watch the girls kill time waiting for his return.

 from Freaky Clinic
Studio: Freaky Steve

Freaky? -- Not In The Least

What you get is 4 scenes of a girl being masturbated by herself or one or two other girls. It gives very minor lip service to the medical fetishism in that the scenes are set on an examination table. It left much to be desired and nothing to recommend.

 from Fetish Fanatic #7 (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel

Beautifully professional

The photography, the direction, the writing and the editing all made this a very pleasant view. They knew what they wanted to show and how it should look before they started the cameras. I would love to see more movies like that. None of the fetishes shown were to my personal taste, but I still enjoyed the whole thing.

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